Sheena Bora murder case: From A to Dead

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The Sheena Bora murder case is getting murkier with startling revelations coming out almost every day. Here's a look at the shocking case in letters of the alphabet

Arms: Did an illegal arms case, begin it all? Shyam Rai, former driver to the Mukerjeas spilled the beans about the Sheena Bora murder, after getting caught in an illegal arms case.

Siddharth Das is chased by the media in Kolkata. Pic/AFP
Siddharth Das is chased by the media in Kolkata. Pic/AFP

Body: Sheena’s body stuffed into a suitcase or not? Burnt beyond recognition, came back to haunt her killers three years after they thought any trail had gone cold.

Children: So, whose children are they anyway? For days, a city sat on edge as conflicting accounts about children emerged. Finally, we think Sheena and Mikhail are Indrani’s children from her first live in relationship. We think.

Indrani Mukerjea outside Bandra court. Pic/AFP
Indrani Mukerjea outside Bandra court. Pic/AFP

Das: The man who nobody could find. Indrani’s first live in partner Siddharth Das was traced at last after days of intrigue. Seen hiding his face behind a helmet, a handkerchief and assorted other things.

Extension: It was a day of drama, as if there is any other since the murder revelations broke, as Indrani fainted in court when her police custody was extended to September 5.

Rahul Mukerjea
Rahul Mukerjea

Forest: The woods are deadly dark and deep… Robert Frost’s lines get a devious twist as a body was found in Raigad district near Pen, burnt beyond recognition. The leafy lair became the focus of the investigation…

Garage: What does a garage keep? Cars? Or, in this case, karma? A body in a car in a garage and now, yet another suitcase found there, which police claimed may have been for Mikhail’s body. Wheels within wheels in this garage.

The police search for evidence. Pic/Datta Kumbhar
The police search for evidence. Pic/Datta Kumbhar

Hiltop: The hotel on Pochkhanawala Road, near Suraiya building, diagonally opposite another residential building called The Cliff, comes into focus after second husband and accused Sanjeev Khanna is said to have stayed there.

Indrani: The woman at the centre of it all, Indrani Mukerjea becomes a symbol, fairly or unfairly of the seamy underbelly of the city’s glamourous set. Today, friends keep their distance and page 3 foes seek ‘redemption’.

Just: As you think you have heard or read it all, comes yet another revelation, yet another piece of news that turns every theory on its head. James Bond and Co. you seem so pale in comparison.

Kolkata: Dominique Lapierre’s City of Joy crops up in the investigations. While the Kolkata cocktail circuit is all abuzz, we say Cal’s high society chatter, patter and natter is breaking the sound barrier at the clubs.

Life: Amidst the frenzy and the media circus, there is one vital fact that is tragically overlooked. A young life has been taken away, in the most heinous way possible.

Mikhail: Sheena’s brother and Indrani’s son always said he had proof and now, his they were trying to kill me too theory, seems to be gaining credence though there are the supporters and detractors of his claims too.

Network: The Mukerjeas seem to be well networked in city circles, leading a charmed life except for some professional problems. Yet, that all seemed to be on the surface as one now learns.

Obliterate: Burning a body after strangulation and burying it in a forest, may not be enough to obliterate your crimes, forever. Today, that skeleton seems to have become one of the many in the killer’s cupboard.

Pochkhanawala Road: The song of the little road, Worli’s classy residential nook, seems to have turned into a hive of activity. The peace of this pocket has been shattered as Peter and Indrani Mukerjea’s Marlow building becomes the cynosure of all media cameras.

Questions: We have far more of those than we have answers. That is the truth, as even after so much scrutiny and interrogation we have at best, a smattering of understanding of this case. We may never know the entire truth about this mystery.

Rakesh Maria: The Mumbai Commissioner of Police, leads the investigation into one of the most high profile cases ever. From interrogation to investigation, Maria has been doling out pieces of information to the media.

Sheena Bora: The victim was first Indrani’s sister, then, news outlets screamed that she was Indrani’s daughter and from there unfolded a tale, so ghastly, bizarre and spellbinding that readers know the truth of the cliche; fact is stranger than fiction.

Twists and turns: That is what is happening in this case which takes everyone by surprise as revelations keep tumbling out. One can only say that things look as straight as a jalebi.

USA: Sheena Bora was supposed to be in the USA in an initial version, but her passport was in India all along. Seems she never went to the US at all, going to Uncle Sam was a sham.

Vidhie: Daughter of Indrani and Sanjeev Khanna, was one of the later entrants in this morbid tale. Seen on television footage in the latest on this entire scenario.

Worli: Formerly, a quiet neighbourhood, the only excitement was when you saw your neighbour who professed never to drink buy a bottle of liquor from the Aunty’s Wine Shop on the road. Today, with the Indrani home located in Worli, and ministers scandals erupting there frequently, maavshi cha daaru cha addas seem like a teddy bear’s picnic.

X–rated: Thriller or real? Cause of whatsapp jokes and black humour, depravity is one word bandied about in connection with the case.

Years: Why did nobody know about this for more than two years? A girl disappears simply vanishes into thin air for three years and nobody can trace her in a global world, where communication is so easy? Liar, liar pants on fire.

Zeal: Police are under the scanner for displaying a lack of zeal in he case. Mitigating circumstances or deliberate cover up? Jhoot bole, truth kaate... Kaale kartoot se dariyo, so much more in this case, dekhte raiyo...

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