Shocking! Stray dog with toes cut off left to die near Dahisar fish market

Oct 11, 2016, 15:00 IST | Gaurav Sarkar

Just a day after Mumbai celebrated love and kindness in the Joy of Giving Week comes a horrific attack on a stray in Dahisar with the dog mutilated and almost dying. WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES

The dog was found near the Dahisar fish market, with an eye popped out and toes cut off. The vet took three hours to stitch up the woundsThe dog was found near a fish market with an eye popped out and toes cut off

Around 10.30 am on Sunday, independent animal rescuer Christina Lobo received a call of a dog being found — mutilated and almost dying — near the fish market in Dahisar. Not a stranger to such calls, Lobo asked the caller to send her a picture of the injured dog. But nothing had prepared her for the images that showed up on her screen next.

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"Her (the dog’s) toes were chopped off, and the right eye had popped out of its socket, which is mostly the result of being hit on the head with extreme force," said Lobo. "The man who called said he suspected that some robbers had cut and brutalised the dog with a machete-like weapon."

The caller, Jaiprakash Masurkar, a resident of Patil Chawl in Dahisar West, said his neighbour alerted him about the dog around 9.30 am. “When I found the dog in that condition, my first reaction was to call for an ambulance… She (the dog) had a deep gash on the front leg, and one of the eyes was missing. She was breathing, but barely.”

Lobo asked Masurkar to immediately take the injured animal to a veterinarian’s clinic in Borivali’s IC Colony. After failing to find a private ambulance for 15 minutes, Masurkar wrapped the dog up in a bed sheet and took her to the clinic in an autorickshaw. Meanwhile, Lobo began coordinating a fund collection for the dog’s treatment.

“The doctor stitched up her eye and the open wounds on her body, but couldn’t do anything else because she was very weak,” said Lobo. “The entire treatment took over three hours to complete.”

She said the dog could not be sent back to the streets in that condition, and needed to recover at a foster home. “The first people I thought of was the Thane Society for Protection of Cruelty to Animals,” said Lobo. “I contacted Shakuntala Majumdar at the centre, who took the dog in graciously. She is still very weak, and in shock. Only time will tell if she’ll make it out alive.”

Dahisar West resident Jaiprakash Masurkar wrapped the dog up in a bed sheet and rushed her to a veterinarian

Around 11.30 pm last night, the dog could finally move around, and consumed some soup — her first meal since the rescue.

Alarming rise in abuse of strays
Meet Ashar, animal welfare officer, Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), said animal cruelty cases in the city have been increasing manifold. “Mumbai seems to have become a hub for animal abuse. I addressed 40 odd cases in the past week alone, pertaining to animal cruelty and the abuse of stray dogs/cats,” he said. “Housing societies are trying to get rid of stray dogs by relocating them or abusing them with sharp objects. Puppies are being stoned to death. And, people are also poisoning pregnant bitches. People who are harming these animals can do the same to humans.”

On Sunday’s brutal incident, Ashar said, “An FIR is yet to be filed. Our first priority was to get medical help for the dog.”

'Telepathic' communication
Sheetal (name changed), is a certified “telepathic animal communicator” from Earthwise, a Pune-based institution that aims at “educating people of all ages, in making the planet a better place to live in”. When the injured dog was taken to the clinic, with no confirmation of whether she would survive, Lobo called Sheetal, requesting her to “talk” to the dog. She sent Sheetal the picture and the video she had received, so that Sheetal could “see” the dog.

“When she (the dog) gained some strength, she gave me a vision: of a man hitting her with a rod of some sort, even piercing her front leg with it,” recalled Sheetal.

According to her, the incident occurred very late at night or early morning. “She (the dog) had become very weak and I could feel her heavy breathing inside me. Like she was going to shed her body because of the trauma.”

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