Shot in the dark: This married Bollywood couple is drifting apart

Apr 13, 2016, 13:40 IST | The Hitlist Team

Are different priorities causing trouble in this couple's marriage?

This actor couple has been blissfully married for some time now. But looks like the two want different things in life which is causing trouble in their wedlock.

Shot in the dark: This married couple is drifting apart

Says a source, “They dated each other for quite some time before they tied the knot and seemed happy together. Of late the two look stressed out. Initially, their friends thought that it could be the usual husband-wife argument but when their mood didn’t change, they knew that it’s something serious.”

It is said that the reason behind their unpleasant relationship is that the husband wants a baby whereas the wife doesn’t. “Both of them have limited film offers in hand."

"So the actor wants his wife to think about extending their family. He feels it is a right time for them to think about the future. The actress is not prepared to take on the additional responsibility at the moment and wants to concentrate on her career. The two have been fighting a lot. Friends and family members are trying to resolve the issue but finally it’s the couple’s call.”

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