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Jun 07, 2012, 07:58 IST | Lindsay Pereira

Welcoming Baba Ramdev's campaign against black money, NCP chief Sharad Pawar described the yoga guru's suggestions to tackle the menace as "pragmatic.

Welcoming Baba Ramdev’s campaign against black money, NCP chief Sharad Pawar described the yoga guru’s suggestions to tackle the menace as “pragmatic.” Naturally, this attracted attention. Doctor At Large tweeted: ‘Pawar supporting the anti-black money campaign is like Sunny Leone campaigning for the enforcement of the burqah.’ Madhavan Narayanan added: ‘Baba Ramdev discusses ways to combat black money with Sharad Pawar. Can’t wait for him to talk nuclear war with the Dalai Lama.’ There was this comment from Angry Bombay Girl: ‘That’s like Fardeen Khan saying drugs are bad, after he got caught.’ And from Pierre Fitter: ‘Guys, stop ranting about Baba Ramdev meeting Sharad Pawar. He was doing the sensible thing: Seeking out expertise.’

Gone to pot
Also attracting negativity was the Planning Commission, after an RTI application revealed it had spent Rs 35 lakh renovating two toilets at its headquarters. TweetingSourav quipped, ‘Now you know why the economy is going down the drain.’ Sagar Bedmutha added: ‘Planning Commission said Rs 28 was enough for the aam aadmi to live on but, for itself, toilets worth Rs 35 lakh?’ There was this from Faking News: ‘India has more mobile phones than toilets. By spending Rs 35 lakh on toilets, Planning Commission is trying to change this trend.’ And from Sidin Vadukut: ‘This is why I have been asking for years for the Planning Commission to be subject to anti-dumping rules.’

Step One
The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter was a trending topic, yielding these among other tips: ‘Don’t ask other people why they tweet so much, it’s like asking them why they breathe so much.’ Also this: ‘Due to the 140 character limit, Twitter will make it look like you can’t spell. Accept it.’ So now you know.

The last word
From journalist Barkha Dutt: ‘Given the patchy performance of most service providers in India, we are still several years away from an Internet revolution.’

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