Sindhu's parents can't wait for Hyderabadi biryani celebrations

May 05, 2013, 01:47 IST | Sundari Iyer

P V Ramana and wife P Vijaya attributed their daughter, PV Sindhu's success at the Malaysian Open badminton championships to sheer commitment.

Way back then...
“Since she was six, she would look forward to play badminton all day. I’m proud she has made badminton her life. As a mother, I just can’t wait to welcome her and will make her favourite Hyderabadi biryani when she comes.

PV Sindhu
PV Sindhu

She has been away from home for more than three weeks. There are no detailed plans, but yes it is a big day for us today,” her mother Vijaya told SUNDAY MiD DAY from Hyderabad. 

It’s no surprise that Sindhu took up sports as a career. Her father was a former India volleyball captain and also an Arjuna awardee while mother excelled in volleyball at the national level.

Her father was proud of his daughter’s play in the deciding game on Saturday. “In Lucknow, she made it to the final, but couldn’t win. We were nervous when Juan Gu was leading 15-10 in the deciding game. But Sindhu won four straight points to make it 14-15 before eventually fighting hard to make it 18-18 and winning it 21-19,” said Ramana.

He continued: “We speak to her everyday. Sindhu called me last night and was confident of victory. But as parents, we were nervous.” Sindhu (5 feet, 10) has the height of her father and is mild like her mother.

Ramana hoped that she would be more aggressive on court. “She lacks aggression that the sport needs. I hope she works on it if she wants to achieve more success. I am proud of her achievements, but she can’t relax. She has to put in more hard work to reach the Top-5,” added Ramana. 

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