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Aug 11, 2017, 09:28 IST | Dhara Vora Sabhnani

Be a social media superstar as jet-setting fashion bloggers Santoshi Shetty and Shereen Sikka Bharwani offer tips on sharing the perfect travel photos

Santoshi Shetty
> For extremely sunny days
VSCO is my go-to app for editing most of my photographs, especially when it's too bright.
£ For dull days
I use the app Snapseed for its Ambiance option with which you can tone down the visible shadows on the skin. I edit the photo again using VSCO to make it perfect.
> Instant Insta fixes
Increase the highlights and the sharpness using Instagram. It can make dull images look better. I also use the preset filters in the iPhone, especially Chrome, and fade some sections to make the image look different.
> Best backdrops
Being an architect, I am always on the lookout for great architecture. Crowded areas can be the most difficult to shoot in unless it's your theme. It's best to shoot mid-length in crowds. Pick a backdrop that isn't too busy, if you want yourself to be the subject of the photo. In case of busy backdrops, such as a graffiti wall, I turn the photo to black and white and de-saturate the background using the app, Facetune 2. Fading the image slightly helps. When you ask someone to take your photo, adjust the frame and figure where you will stand so they just have to click. I have had Uber drivers take amazing photos of me!
> Absolute no-nos
The picture has to speak, so don't focus too much on yourself in a great location (like take a selfie) and admire the background. If you feel a photo isn't working, try and take an image of just half of you or your feet to fit against the right background.

Shereen Sikka Bharwani
> The right gadget
I use a simple point-and-shoot digital camera and not a DSLR to take good photos quickly. For instant uploads, I stick to my iPhone. I also carry a portable tripod, as I don't like clicking selfies.
> All about the lighting
When I see that the lighting is bad or I am against the sun, I don't take a photo however good the location may be. It's okay for mood shots, though. The best time to shoot is between 4 pm and 6.30 pm. I go for early-morning shoots to avoid crowds. You can also politely ask someone to step out of your frame.
> Instant fixes
Always straighten your photo; you can use Instagram or any other app to do that. It instantly changes the effect. If someone has photobombed the frame, either crop the person out or crop the photo such that you are at the centre or edge of the photo. Don't use too much filter; it reduces the sharpness of the image. Using no filter is sometimes best. Play with depth of field and capture the action happening on the sides too. Pictures from a height are beautiful, especially to capture skylines.
> App favourites
Snapseed is great if you want to take some time to edit your photos and make tonal and contrast changes. VSCO filters are superb to edit any sort of image.
> Absolute no-nos
Keep your frame complete. Images where your feet or a part of your outfit or hands are cut off look bad. Don't give a pose that is not naturally you, smiling photos are always natural and happy to look at.

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