Some interesting facts about Tom Cruise

Jul 03, 2013, 09:23 IST | The Centrestage Team

As Tom Cruise turns a year older, here are some lesser known facts about the star

>>  At age 14, Cruise enrolled in a seminary in Cincinatti to become a priest. He dropped out after one year.

>> He took up acting after losing his place in a wrestling team due to a knee injury.

Tom Cruise

>> He suffered from dyslexia and claims, that Scientology cured him.

>> Tom was the first actor to star in five consecutive films that grossed $100 million in the USA

>>  There is a song made on Cruise called "Though the Wire" by Kanye West.

>>  Valkyrie (2008) caused controversy in Germany due to his Scientology membership, but he was awarded Bambi Courage Award, a category newly created to honour him for working on a sensitive story that wasn’t looked at in Hollywood before.

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