Sonakshi Sinha's fitness routine, diet plan and secret behind her washboard abs

Updated: Aug 23, 2018, 11:23 IST | Mohar Basu

Admitting to have a metabolism that requires her to monitor what she eats, Sonakshi Sinha on her newly acquired washboard abs

Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha

We must admit, we found ourselves struggling to hold up a debate when a colleague once termed food privilege as 'God-created inequality'. The leeway that select individuals can afford with their meals, given their rapid metabolic rate, can be a bitter pill to swallow. So what do you do when your rather dormant metabolism keeps you from such luxuries? The obvious answer: "You eat right, and train hard."

Admittedly stuck with a metabolic rate that puts her in the latter category, Sonakshi Sinha has, so far, battled weight woes with confidence and a smile. Yet, only of late, close on the heels of the release of her latest film, Sinha has been flaunting a frame that's certain to make cinephiles do a double take. "I tried something new," she says simply, attributing her svelte figure to pilates.

Sonakshi Sinha

Sinha's journey could inarguably be the stencil of every female Bollywood actor's battle with the bulge in an industry obsessed with beauty. After a dream debut in Dabangg, the actor's weight yo-yoed on either side of the scale. However, she now admits to have learnt the importance of consistency.

"Namrata [Purohit, trainer] taught me the value of being consistent. You have to be regular with whatever exercise you choose to do. Even if it's [an exercise like] walking, you should walk every day. So, there were lifestyle changes like these that I started to incorporate. Also, I began eating a healthy, balanced meal. Earlier, I thought if I would work out, I could eat whatever I liked. But that's not how it works. Given my metabolism and body type, I have to check what I eat," admits Sinha. But monitoring what she ate had little to do with cutting down portions. Purohit says she likes her clients to be well-fed so that they can train properly. In fact, starvation can be detrimental for those with a slow metabolic rate.

Sonakshi Sinha

"As for Sonakshi's diet, we tweaked the amount of protein she consumed. If a person with slow metabolism eats less, the body treats it as an excuse to function slower. Nutrition is necessary. Instead of starving, the aim should always be to strike a balance between the quantity of carbohydrates, proteins and fats consumed," says Purohit.

It's been only six months since an "unsure" Sinha met Purohit. "She had tried multiple workouts and nothing had worked well enough for her. She wanted to feel fit and lose a few kilos," says the trainer. Yet, the jubilance with which she's been carrying herself at promotional events is telling of a joy that's associated with transformation stories, like her own.

"I have always been very confident of myself, regardless of my size or shape. The way that I look has always been at the front-stage of my career. But, I was never affected by it. I didn't do anything for my body for several years. It was only when I decided that I wanted to look different that things changed," says the actor, quick to point out that her story can be an example for anyone. "Honestly, if I can do it, anyone can. I had little willpower to [lose weight like I have]. I would take to a diet, but, within a day, I'd be back to my old ways of eating. It took me some time to put my mind to it. But, here I am."

If her evident excitement isn't testimony enough, Purohit says Sinha's appreciation for her body is evident in the clothes she wears. "Her choice of outfits are bold. She experiments with what she wears. Also, she talks about her body and appearance. She is definitely appreciating the fruits of her labour." Purohit also finds solace in the fact that Sinha is truly growing fitter. Not one to fatigue easily, she says the actor is willing, ever eager, to push herself in class. "Also, we try an array of workouts. I don't make it monotonous. Fitness has to be enjoyed."

Namrata Purohit on Sonakshi's training
Sonakshi works with me five days a week for hour-long sessions. We were able to customise her routine to suit her body type. It's important to know that you can't fight your genes, but the right form of exercise and nutrition can alter a lot. A bulky body can be turned into a leaner one. Sonakshi is tall; we trained her accordingly to ensure she acquired a feminine look.

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