Sonal Chauhan interacts with Jimmy Choo

Jan 03, 2013, 08:52 IST | Shaheen Parkar

The actress had an exciting chat with shoe designer Jimmy Choo about Bollywood trends

Sonal Chauhan had a fan moment when she bumped into Jimmy Choo. The internationally renowned footwear designer was a special guest at an event she too was part of.

Sonal Chauhan with Jimmy Choo
Sonal Chauhan with Jimmy Choo

When the actress realised that he was seated on the next table, she could not conceal her excitement. Being quite a lover of his line of footwear and accessories, the self-confessed fan just could not believe that she was talking about fashion trends with him.

Says a source, “Sonal was attending a high-profile event in Malaysia recently where she saw Jimmy Choo at the gala. There were a lot of celebrities around. But when she was seated, she realised that he was on the next table. He was gracious enough to greet everyone on the adjoining table including Sonal.”

Adds the source, “She spent the evening talking about Bollywood trends, shoes and Indian designs with him. He seemed to be aware of Bollywood stars who love to wear his collection.”

Choo is known for their hand-made designer shoes, handbags and accessories. Among his clients are Hollywood stars, royalty and the trendsetters.  

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