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May 30, 2014, 08:21 IST | Shameem Khan

Style is eternal, not seasonal, so don’t be a slave to fashion, says Sophie Choudry

Style is eternal, not seasonal, so don’t be a slave to fashion, says Sophie Choudry. “Know what works for you, add elements of new trends and never ever wear something you don’t feel confident in,” she adds. Here are her style mantras:

Sophie Choudry

Wardrobe essentials
Besides the little black dress, I also recommend a little red dress which makes you feel sexy and lifts your mood instantly! You should also have a pair of fitted jeans that flatter your shape, a great jacket/blazer, nude stilettos or pumps because they always help to elongate your legs and a range of great lingerie because that can make or break your outfit.

Comfort clothes
I’m a denim girl and have at least 30 pairs of jeans in different washes, colours and styles. Denims and a cool top is what I wear on an everyday basis. For events, it’s usually dresses, gowns and skirts.

Colours and silhouttes
I celebrate my curves by wearing clothes that have shape, not necessarily tight but where you can see the waist. As for colours, I love red, blue and coral the most.

Skin care
I cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin twice a day and use an eye cream and use different products according to the weather and how my skin feels. I wash my hair thrice a week with products that suit my hair type and scalp and get a spa treatment done twice a month to keep my hair hydrated and shiny.

Bag it
It depends on how big the bag is. My day bag has everything from my wallet, perfume, phone, chewing gum and hairbrush to a small makeup pouch in it. My clutches barely fit a credit card, lipstick and phone.

My foot
I have a shoe fetish. I love everything from boots to ballerinas but stilettos are a favourite. I feel shoes take an outfit to the next level.

Accessorise it
I like to keep it simple with just one statement piece — earrings or a necklace but what I love most are interesting finger rings. Too much jewellery can make you look older, keep it understated.

Style icons
Hollywood is full of stylish people like Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham and Beyoncé. In Bollywood, I like Kangna Ranaut the most.

Fashion tips
Don’t take fashion too seriously. Have fun with it and feel good about it. Fashion is meant to make you feel fabulous, otherwise what’s the point? Also learn to mix high-end and street brands. You should never look like you walked off a ramp and straight into a party. Add your personal style to it.

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