Soul-searching in the rains

Aug 14, 2014, 08:15 IST | Hassan M Kamal

A jamming session between two friends led to the formation of Bangalore-based band Parvaaz. Now, they are ready for the next level with their debut album, Baran

After four years of hard work and numerous performances across India, Bangalore-based band, Parvaaz, is ready with their debut album, Baran.

Members of the band, Parvaaz
Members of the band, Parvaaz

Sounds special
The band began its journey in 2010, when two childhood friends — Khalid Ahmed and Kashif Iqbal from Srinagar — met after a long gap in Bangalore. While it was friendship that brought them together, their love for music pushed them to form a band. Ahmed provided the vocals while Iqbal joined in on guitar and vocals. Soon, Sachin Banandur joined them on drums and percussions. The band’s current line-up was complete in 2012 with Fidel D’Souza joining them on bass.

Cover of their upcoming debut album, Baran

The group started performing at college festivals, clubs and music festivals across India. In 2012, the four-member band released their first EP, Behosh, followed by a single, Khufiya Dastan, in 2013. The current album, Baran (translates to rain in Persian), is the culmination of the band’s metamorphosis from a two-member act to a full-fledged band. The album has eight tracks (six in Urdu/Hindi and two in Kashmiri). “There are new fresh songs in the album, while the rest are what we have been playing live for two years,” says Banandur.

What’s different?
The album offers a new feel for most tracks. “Our fans will find the sound a tad different from our live performances. Certain parts have been changed while we mixed the tracks, to make them tighter,” he informs. The band’s songs are inspired by Kashmir’s old-world poetry, and are filled with anti-materialistic messages — a trait seen in several poetic marvels from the valley of Kashmir.

So, are there references to Kashmir? “Not really. Yes, our poetry is inspired from Sufi poets of Kashmir. In fact, one of the songs is inspired from Gulam Ahmed Mahjoor’s poem on spring, which talks of flowers blossoming in the valley. But musically, we are more inspired from World music,” shares Iqbal.

The band’s guitarist and vocalist adds that like old Kashmiri poems, Parvaaz’s songs also dwell on personal experiences, but are centered on Bangalore, and its people. “You won’t find a hint of Kashmiri Folk music, or topics concerning the valley. Our songs are about general materialism in today’s world, how people are involved with their lives, and how everybody runs after money. It’s about getting rid of things that bind us to the materialistic world,” he adds.

Despite being based in Bangalore, a city known for its predominantly English music scene, the band has earned positive response from music fans. “People in Bangalore are accommodating towards music. They know what good music is,” concludes Banandur.

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