SRK turns 50: Decoding the 'Dilwala' one tweet at a time

Nov 02, 2015, 16:22 IST | Aastha Atray Banan

A glance at Shah Rukh Khan's Twitter account on his 50th birthday shows us a man who is kind, sensitive, in love with his kids, philosophical and one to never disappoint fans. We decode his tweet life

If you’re not tweeting, you as well not have a life. And if you are a superstar and you are not tweeting, well, what are you hiding? But if there is a star who wears his heart on his sleeve, it has to be Shah Rukh Khan.

A glance at his Twitter account on his 50th birthday, which he started on January 3, 2010, (he was one of the first on the bandwagon), shows us man who is kind, sensitive, in love with his kids, philosophical and one to never disappoint his fans. So let’s see the different shades of Shah Rukh, through his tweets.

@iamsrk: The Family Man



@iamsrk: The Poetry Lover

Of course, he is a poetry lover! Have you seen the characters he has played? It warms our heart to see that SRK is a romantic in real life as well. One of his favourites: Rumi.




@iamrk: The Philosopher

If you follow SRK, you know he likes to rue about things, and spout philosophy about life and all that goes with it. It often shows us a side of the superstar we didn’t know existed.



@iamrk: Fans come first

From giving a fan dating advice to retweeting them, SRK's interaction with his fans is genuine and heartfelt.




@iamsrk: The king of Q & A

And he likes to talk! Ask him a question and he usually responds. This star surely earns his charming rights.


@iamsrk: Some of his top tweets

@iamsrk' first tweet:

@iamsrk Tweets an image of Abram on his birthday; thanking fans for their wishes

@iamsrk Tweets about his first ever photoshoot with Amitabh Bachchan

@iamsrk Tweets about receiving an honorary doctorate degree from the Edinburgh University

@iamsrk gets nostalgic Tweeting about his father on his birthday

@iamsrk receives an autographed copy of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

@iamsrk's top retweeted tweets

His selfie with One Direction’s Zayn Malik at the Asian Awards in London, was his most retweeted Tweet, crossing 140,000 retweets (one of the top retweeted tweets in India).





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