State town planning department makes life easy for land buyers

Aug 01, 2013, 04:29 IST | Priyanks Deashpande

Plans to now issue Zone Demarcation (ZD) certificate online to commemorate a century of its existence, thus sparing applicants time and energy they wasted by standing in serpentine queues at the only office in Pune

To commemorate its centenary year, the State Town Planning department has decided to issue Zone Demarcation (ZD) certificate online to the applicants.

The decision will prevent applicants from wasting time and energy by standing in serpentine queues outside the only office in the city. The other one is in Baramati. The ZD certificate is must while purchasing land.

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Officials said besides online issuance of ZD certificates, Development Plans (DPs) for all the districts would be uploaded on its website and would be accessible by November. This they said would enable citizens to understand the DP of a particular district before purchasing lands.

“Every day about 150 citizens apply for ZD certificates. But it takes eight days to issue one and to secure it applicants spend almost an entire day at the only office in the city. Besides, they have to visit the office daily to check on the progress of their certificates,” said Sanjay Saoji, assistant director of the state town planning department.

He said a buyer could opt for gateway payment and secure aZD certificate online on the basis of area of the land he intends to purchase.  But the officials cleared that online issuance of ZD certificates would be possible only after uploading sanctioned DP plans of various districts across the town planning department’s website. 

“Uploading more than 300 DPs of various district is in progress and the work is likely to finish in November. Once done, buyers would be able to find out whether the land they want to purchase in a particular district is reserved or not with the help of the DP plan uploaded on the website,” Saoji said.  

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