Sudeep alone against Sandalwood industry?

Published: 08 November, 2011 06:32 IST | Sheetal Sukhija |

Sources in Sandalwood claim the actor is being dubbed an antagonist because of his arrogance, ego and non-cooperative attitude. Sudeep's temper tantrum during the Dr Rajkumar Cup Cricket tournament on November 1, sent fans of Shivrajkumar baying for his blood

Sources in Sandalwood claim the actor is being dubbed an antagonist because of his arrogance, ego and non-cooperative attitude. Sudeep's temper tantrum during the Dr Rajkumar Cup Cricket tournament on November 1, sent fans of Shivrajkumar baying for his blood

After being in the acting field for over 16 years, Sudeep seems to have run into a wall of animosity in the industry and the names on his friend list is fast dwindling.

Sudeep was irked after he bowled a few balls against the opposing team during the Dr Rajkumar Cup 2011 and was hit to the boundary. He was heard using abusive language by Shivrajkumar's fans, who then spilled onto the field and roughed him up

He might have also tasted fame in Bollywood, but down south, he is a lonely man. According to sources in Sandalwood, Sudeep is being dubbed an antagonist because of his arrogance, egoistic nature and non-cooperative attitude, which has bred rivalry with fellow actors.

Adding to his list is the scuffle that broke out during the Dr Rajkumar Cup Cricket T20 tournament held at Hubli on November 1. A free-for-all erupted between Sudeep and Shivrajkumar's fans during the finale over a minor issue.

"One of the ace bowlers from Sudeep's team was accused of chucking the ball, instead of bowling. Sudeep, who was the wicketkeeper, lost his temper and decided to bowl himself, but instead was hit to the boundary.
Incensed after being hit for fours consecutively, Sudeep flung the ball away and walked off the field and was heard using abusive language by some of Shivrajkumar's fans in the pavilion. The fans spilled onto
the field and began assaulting the actor," said an eyewitness from Hubli.

Adverse outcome
Meanwhile, Shivrajkumar and the rest of his team tried to convince Sudeep for over 45 minutes to return to the field so that the game could resume, which he agreed to do but eventually lost the match.

Shivrajkumar (left), the captain of the Producers team, and Sudeep, skipper of the Dancers Team, share a light moment at Hubli during the finale of the Dr Rajkumar Cup.

Ironically, the Dr Rajkumar cup that was held at a juncture where the industry needed a common platform to come together, unite and end fights that started due to the Darshan-Nikita drama ended up revealing another grand rift in the industry.

"I don't blame the industry for being hostile towards Sudeep, as he deserves it. He is at the receiving end today and it is time he contemplates on his rude behaviour towards his fellow actors.
Many a time, they have faced the same situation after he stoked fire between rival parties and pointlessly got into arguments with other actors and fellow members of the industry," said a senior producer from the fraternity, on conditions of anonymity.

Open war
The actor has faced the ire of fans in the past also for making controversial and undiplomatic statements. A few years ago, he had passed shocking remarks against fellow actor Ganesh, who was rising to fame.

"Post Mungaru Male's success, actor Ganesh stated that one could be a popular in Sandalwood, not just by sporting machetes and knives, but even by holding a rose.

This had irked many, including Sudeep and the Rajkumar family. Following this, Sudeep had ridiculed Ganesh during a TV show, which was pointless," said R Subhash, an industry insider.

Besides this, he has time and again passed demeaning statements against the Rajkumar family and picked up professional fights with them.

"Sudeep is arrogant by nature and seldom speaks to the media if he is not promoting his home production. He is an unpredictable person and because of his arrogant nature and impatience, he often gets into scuffles.

Even during the Celebrity T20 League match, there was discontent in his team because he was chosen as the captain," said another source from the industry.

Wrong signals
Even though the Dr Rajkumar Cup controversy is yet to settle, another controversy has overtaken Sudeep. "Shivrajkumar's next movie is titled Varada and Sudeep's next movie is titled Varadanayaka, which has caused much resentment.
The Rajkumar family is placed at the highest pedestal in Sandalwood and for someone else to title their movie that indicates that they are even above the family is derogatory," said Krishnna Kumar, an industry insider.

Further, when questioned, producer Shankare Gowda of Varadanayaka, asserted that he would not change his title. On the other hand, producer of Varada, B Soorappa refuses to budge from his stance as well. "I will not change the title of my movie at any cost," he flatly said.

Meanwhile, Shankare retorted and said, "The title of my movie would not change either and will be released under the same name in the first week of January."

Even as the war continues, people in the industry are of the opinion that Sudeep will have to change his behaviour, or continue to be subjected to hostile attitude from the rest of the industry.

Respect seniors
When questioned about the scuffle that broke out, Sudeep categorically said that he could not possibly do what he is being accused of.

"I got angry because a fan tried to pull my shirt. That is unacceptable as I come from a respectable family and I have nothing against Shivrajkumar. He is my senior and a legend.
After the match I went and clarified everything with him. I will be working in a movie with him too," said the actor.

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