Tech: Awesome games to watch out for in 2016

Updated: 23 December, 2015 14:04 IST | sunday mid day team |

2015 was great, but the new year promises to be better. Jaison Lewis tells what you should watch out for

Agent 47 is back, and this time, there's no overarching plot or conspiracy. Instead, you step in the shoes of a professional hitman. Missions are set across several open levels, with the freedom to go about the hit as you see fit. Do you go in with guns blazing, sneak, disguise yourself or use more creative means of dispatching your target?


Dark Souls III
Software’s Dark Souls series have grown to become the pinnacle in challenging video game design. Nothing’s tougher than a Dark Souls game, and 2016 marks the launch of the third game. Featuring devious level design and truly tough monsters, here even the lowest level foes can kill you in a few strikes. Let’s not get started on the boss monsters.

Final Fantasy XV
Once a phenomenon, over the years, Final Fantasy series has lost its sheen. Hopes are still high on the new Final Fantasy. Featuring a huge open world where your funky-haired character can roam around with his entourage, slicing up the local fauna. Who knows, this may just be the hit that Square has been waiting for.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst
Welcome to the dystopian city of Glass where you play a free-runner called Faith, who has to fight the powers that be in the only way she knows — parkour. With an open city in front of you, you have the freedom of movement, dispatching foes using momentum and the environment. 

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
If there’s one gaming franchise that’s captured the spirit of Indiana Jones, it’s Uncharted. Uncharted 4 moves in for the kill as one of the most awaited games of 2016. We cannot wait to get on another adventure with Nathan Drake and friends.

Dishonoured 2
The sequel lets you play as a dethroned Empress or as Corvo, the hero of the first game.  Your job — to free the empire from an unknown evil. Dishonoured 2 takes you back to the steampunk meets magic world where stealth is key, though the sequel does let you take other paths of dispatching foes.

X-com 2
The Strategy classic makes a comeback in 2016 with a much awaited sequel. The twist is, this time around, Aliens have defeated humankind, and now instead of being a well funded operation, X-Com has to fight an uphill battle against a superior force.

Tom Clancy’s The Division
A virus has hit New York on Black Friday, and you are part of an elite team of tactical agents deployed to identify the source of the pandemic. This game has been shown off at all the gaming expos and has never failed to wow users with its amazing graphics engine.

No Man’s Sky
If this was the year of open worlds, 2016 is the year of open galaxies, with No Mans Sky. Featuring a generated galaxy, you take to the skies in your spaceship, discovering planets filled with life. The creators claim that there’s millions of hours worth of content to discover.

First Published: 20 December, 2015 07:37 IST

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