Technology: A smart choice for a 4K TV

Feb 24, 2015, 07:55 IST | Hassan M Kamal

If you are looking for a 4K UHD TV around Rs 1 lakh, the 55-inch VU LED55XT780 3D Smart TV makes for a practical choice

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about 4K TVs. In fact, recently one of the top DTH service providers launched a set top box offering 4K content, making this Ultra High Definition (UHD), a reality. However, prices of 4KTVs are still very high. Though, several of the top players have reduced the prices of their 4K TVs to between '1.5 lakh-'2 lakh, for most of us, it might still be over budget.


If you are looking for an option, in the '1 lakh range, you might want to check out the offerings from VU TVs. We took their first 4K UHD model, the 55-inch LED55XT780 3D Smart TV for a spin-off, and here's what we found.

What we liked?
Accessories: The LED 55XT780 is a stunner with its metallic edges and slim body, with the shining VU logo at the bottom. Apart from the TV set, the package includes the necessary manuals and guidebook, audio and video cables, remote with two 3AAA batteries, and two 3D glasses with four tablet batteries to get you by your 3D needs. We are told each battery would last for almost a year.

Display: The 3840 pixels wide by 2160 tall display is impressive offering perfect blacks and whites — we found no missing pixels. During our review, we tested several videos of different resolution qualities and brightness levels but not once did we feel a need to adjust the colour or brightness level. This takes us to the brain behind the display of the VU LED 55XT780 — a quad core display (scaling) engine, which makes even 480p videos look great on screen. The refresh rate stands at 120Hz, which is slightly above some of the popular models. The viewing angle is also decent, at 178 degrees, offering a good view from anywhere in the room.

Audio: The 10watt+10watt speakers do a good job at offering a theatre-like experience, but a 5.1 channel is advised to make the most of it. Audio output is possible both in the form digital optical, as well as analogue — 3.5-inch Aux-out for headphones as well as regular audio connectors for a 5.1 channel.

Connectivity: This device comes with Wi-Fi support. You can also install apps like Skype, but you will require a Web camera for video chats. It also supports DLNA, which means it can access all shared content on your home network, be it on your phone, laptop, computer or tablet. There are plenty of input as well as output ports including three USB ports, four HDMI ports, one each of VGA input port, component in RGB port, AV input as well as RF connectivity input.

3D viewing: The display engine also does a pretty good job of displaying 3D content, with the option to change settings like depth of field. The 3D glasses are easy to use and require a slight push to pair with the device. Also, from what we know, you can also install 500GB storage space in the device at an extra cost. And if your smartphone allows wireless display, you can project your phone's screen on the TV as well.

What we didn't like
The in-built video player seems to have a few issues. While it shows video/audio codec error while playing a video via DLNA, the same video plays fine when connected using a USB. Then again, this can be fixed easily via an over-the-air update. What we also didn't like is VU isn't very clear about the supported video formats, leaving consumers a tad sceptical. We ordered a high-res 3D film only to realise later that the format was not supported. Also, we found that the connecting ports, placed in the back, were very difficult to reach.

The graphic engine struggles when it comes to converting 2D to 3D, and viewing such content is not advised. Besides, you may require adjusting the motion jitter compensation (MJC) to get the right feel while playing videos on USB, something that would be a bit too technical for most buyers. Perhaps, a smart switch or an explanation could work.

VU has managed to pack most of the features found in 4K TVs offered by some of India's top brands at almost half the price, and is worth checking out. However, if R1 lakh is still too steep, you might want to take a look at its smaller 4K display units.

Available on

Size: 55-inch
Model: LED55XT780
Display: 3840x2160, 120 Hz refresh rate, 178 degree viewing angle, 100000Hrs
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, 4xHDMI, 3USB, DLNA, VGA
Audio: (10W+10W) Dolby Digital, Aux-In, optical audio
Extras: Web ready, YouTube, Skype, 3D, 2D to 3D video, Supports MPEG H.264, DivX,
Accessory: 3D glasses, audio and video cables
Price: Rs 1,20,000

What is a 4K TV?
4K is one of the two Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV formats. The display is 3840 pixels wide (nearly 4,000 pixels and hence 4K) and 2160 pixels tall (8.29MP), which is four times as many pixels as found in 1080p displays 1920x1080 (2.07MP).

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(Actual prices may vary)

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