Technology: Google unveils the Inbox

Oct 27, 2014, 07:48 IST | The Guide Team

It takes a cue from Gmail to form a more intuitive and less-cluttered email service

Ten years ago, Google changed the way we used email with Gmail. Now, it’s planning to make it more intuitive with Inbox, a new email service that it launched a few days ago.


Though, available to only a select few people on an invitation-only basis, Inbox introduces several changes on how you interact with email. First, with an interface similar to most networking sites, Inbox will enable you to see what’s inside without even having to open it.

Another major change, which we think most of us would love, is that with Inbox you get to decide if you want to receive a file/attachment or not. If you accept, the data will be transferred to your inbox, and if you don’t it will stay in the sender’s inbox. Though you may have to do a lot of accept or decline; at least, this way, you will be spared of last minute deletions, which you do on a regular basis to make space for newer mails.

It also offers intuitive features, for example, if you want to book a restaurant, type the message like ‘make reservations at XYZ eatery’, and it will show timings and contact details of the restaurant. You can also set reminders for your calendars from Inbox.

If you wish to try the new features of Inbox, write to Gmail for an invitation, now.

To request Invite, email

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