Thane massacre: How lone survivor Sobiya cheated death by an inch

Mar 01, 2016, 12:25 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

Doctors treating 21-year-old Sobiya Bharmal, the sole survivor of the Thane mass murders, have revealed she was cut on her neck just an inch away from the crucial jugular vein

After watching her brother slay her entire family, 21-year-old Sobiya Bharmal could have met the same fate but made a narrow escape — as narrow as an inch. Although she fought off her brother when he turned to slit her throat, he managed to give her a cut on her neck, just an inch from the crucial jugular vein. Had the jugular been cut, doctors say Sobiya could have bled to death.

Sobiya Bharmal needed two blood transfusions
Sobiya Bharmal needed two blood transfusions

“Even though she suffered heavy blood loss since the blood vessels around her neck were cut, her jugular vein was saved by an inch,” said Dr Arjun Singh, administrator of Titan Hospital, where she is currently being treated. As it is, Sobiya lost so much blood, she had to be given two blood transfusions.

Not to mention the fact that she is in severe shock and confusion following the trauma of Saturday night. Watching the massacre of her entire family, including her five-month daughter, has left the 21-year-old Sobiya distraught. But as the sole survivor, she cannot afford to take too much time to process her grief, as she is the only one who can give the police some clue as to what happened on Saturday night.

That night, she was saved her presence of mind, but since her miraculous escape, she has been in a state of severe shock and confusion. Although she had told officials that she knew her brother Hasnain Warekar had killed everyone, including her baby, she has now started asking for her daughter, convinced she is alive.

“In every other sentence, she asks for her child; that’s why the investigation is not moving ahead,” said one of the senior officers involved in the case.

“She is completely distraught. We will consider starting psychological counselling later, but our first priority is to attend to her physical medication. Gynaecologists, ENT surgeons, general surgeons and consultants are following up with her,” said Dr Singh. In her vulnerable condition, the doctors are taking all precautions to protect her privacy and have restricted the entry to the ICU.

Food poisoning
As mid-day had reported, in 2012, three family members living with Hasnain — his parents and maiden sister — had fallen ill in a case of food poisoning. “The hospital confirmed that there was a food poisoning incident with the same family on July 1, 2012. However, even though it was a medico-legal case, the hospital failed to report an Emergency Patient Report. “We have asked the hospital to send an explanation for this. Doctors have given us a report that the family was admitted for three days and suffered from vomiting,” said Joint CP Ashutosh Dumbare.

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