Thane massacre: Killer used qurbani knife to slaughter family

Feb 29, 2016, 14:06 IST | Faisal Tandel

Accused Hasnain Warekar used his expertise in animal sacrifice to make clean, fatal cuts; cops suspect he might have made a past attempt to poison his family

The Warekar family massacre seems to get more twisted with each new revelation, with sources now stating that the 35-year-old accused Hasnain Warekar, was an expert at animal sacrifices, and used his sacrificial knife to ensure he made clean, fatal cuts on his sleeping family members. Forensic experts also recovered an unidentified powder from the crime scene and will test it for poison or sedative qualities.

Neighbours gathered outside the residence of Hasnain Warekar
Neighbours gathered outside the residence of Hasnain Warekar

Investigations have also revealed that three of the family members who were living with Hasnain (his parents and his maiden sister Batul) were admitted in hospital in June 2012 with stomach problem. Thane CP Param Bir Singh told mid-day, “We have learnt that the three were admitted in hospital and suspect that Hasnain might have given them some medicine or something that led to poisoning. No case was registered then. We found a powder at the crime scene and suspect it was given to him by the tantrik he was consulting.”

A body being taken to the postmortem centre. Pics/Datta KumbharA body being taken to the postmortem centre. Pics/Datta Kumbhar

The Kasarvadavali police have registered a case of murder and attempt to murder under the IPC and sections of the Arms Act. The youngest sister in the family, Sobiya, who was the only survivor, told relatives and the police: “Bhaijaan ne qurbani ki chhuri se sab ko maara”.

“Hasnain was very interested in offering animal sacrifice during Qurbani Eid. He made exact cuts to slit the right blood vessel in the neck to ensure the victims died,” said an eyewitness who has carried the body to the ambulance.

The survivor, Sobiya, denied there was any property dispute between the siblings and said that she doesn't know what prompted Hasnain to take the extreme step.

“She is under great trauma. We will also speak to the husbands of the deceased sisters once they have completed the last rites,” said Joint Commissioner of Police Ashutosh Dhumbre.

Fingerprint expert Pandurang Pawar, who surveyed the crime scene and took samples, said, “One bloody fingerprint was found; we will check it against the fingerprint of the accused. We will send it to Pune and it will take about a month for the reports.”

Sex before murder?
The Thane police investigating the case suspect that Hasnain might have had sex with his wife before the murder. “When we found his wife’s body, it was naked and her throat was slit. The accused, Hasnain was wearing a shirt and pants, but he wasn’t wearing undergarments,” said a police officer from Kasarvadavli police station.

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