The coolest celeb tattoo scriptures on their skin

Jun 18, 2010, 09:40 IST | Aditi Sharma

It's raining hot men, and it only gets hotter when they exhibit their tattoos in public. We get tattoo artist Kevin Andrade to decipher the meaning behind ink designs picked by two football stars, and sizzling film actresses

It's raining hot men, and it only gets hotter when they exhibit their tattoos in public. We get tattoo artist Kevin Andrade to decipher the meaning behind ink designs picked by two football stars, and sizzling film actresses

When English footballer David Beckham got his first son Brooklyn's name tattooed across his neck, he started a trend for football players across the world. In fact, Danish central defender Daniel Agger, who is also a qualified tattoo artist, is as pasionate about his tattoos as his game. Last year, he even promised to etch tattoos for all his Liverpool teammates if they won the Premier League. Kevin Andrade, tattoo artist and owner of Shoryuken, a tattoo parlour based in Oshiwara, deconstructs some famous footballer tattoos.

The 30-year old tattoo artist says that footballers, unlike other celebrities, don't use their tattoos to gain mileage. They draw strength from their tattoos, so families and personal motifs are common. He points out that Megan Fox, who is back in the news thanks to the latest tattoo on her rib cage, only wants to show off her sexy frame. Most Indian celeb tattoos also get a thumbs down from the artist. But Sushmita manages to impress him with her I AM tattoo on the wrist. Read on to know how tattoos can tell so much about you.

Fernando Torres
The hot Spanish striker, has three prominent tattoos the number 9 (his jersey number) on his right arm, his left arm carries his name tattooed in a fictional language created by JRR Tolkien in the Lord of the Rings, and one on the bottom of his right leg with the date 7/7/2001 in Latin. Apparently, this was day when he went out on the first date with his childhood sweetheart.

Tattoo Artist says:
His tattoos really work because they are subtle and personal, but at the same time they're clear and prominently displayed. The kind of characters and fonts he has chosen display clarity and firmness. He has put tattoos on those parts of his body that matters the most to him as a footballer. It also shows how much he respects his friends and family who stood by him over the years; they are one's who truly understand the significance of the date.

Sushmita Sen
Bollywood actress and entrepreneur Sushmita Sen has three visible tattoos on her body. The one on the left wrist is a Latin term, which  means Glory to God Alone. The one on the right arms says, "Temptation" with the T shaped like a dagger, and the third is "I AM" tattoo, in a bold font, is on her right wrist.

Tattoo Artist says:

The tattoos on Sush's arms are tiny, but pretty and must inspire conversations in social circles.
The "I AM" tattoo makes a very strong statement; I wouldn't mess with anyone with this tattoo. It's a powerful proclamation.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox wears several tattoos, and one that particularly stands out from the rest is etched on her right shoulder reads, "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies" a line adapted from William Shakespeare's play King Lear. Her latest tattoo is a dedication to Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke. Again, the sexy Fox takes inspiration from a quote by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: "Those who danced were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

Tattoo Artist says:
It seems like Megan is getting inked as a mark of rebellion; she's merely borrowing verses and not saying anything original. She is taking refuge in somebody else's thoughts. It's unfortunate that a Hollywood star who's as popular as her, is setting a bad example for her fans. Looking at the placement of her tattoos, it appears as though she is more interested in exhibiting them. The tattoo about the butterfly, however, is interesting since it makes a mocking statement against all those teeny-boppers obsessed with their pretty butterfly tattoos.

Kevin Prince Boateng
Ghanian attacking midfielder Kevin Prince Boateng has 13 tattoos on his body. The tattoo on his bicep reflects Africa and Ghana. He also has the name of his wife and hometown, Berlin tattooed on his body. Another set of interesting tattoos are the smiling joker, crying joker pair. According to Boateng, it means laugh now, cry later.

Tattoo Artist says:

For sportsmen, it's a big deal to put a tattoo on any important part of their body. For them, a tattoo denotes strength. Footballers see themselves as warriors because they've been trained all their lives for one thing. So they are passionate about what they do. Like the Maori warriors who would tattoo faces to scare away their enemies, Kevin has a tattoo on his bicep that gives him strength on field.

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