The funniest Kiki challenges that will leave you in splits! Hilarious!

Updated: Aug 13, 2018, 16:48 IST | Sunny Rodricks

Kiki challenge also known as the 'Do The Shiggy dance,' is the latest rage on the internet. Here is a compilation of the funniest Kiki challenges video that sent the internet on fire! But Beware! We don't recommend it

The funniest Kiki challenges that will leave you in splits! Hilarious!
Kiki Challenge is known as 'Do The Shiggy Dance' has taken the internet by storm

The Kiki Challenge has become a rage all across the world with people taking up the challenge. For those who are unaware about Kiki challenge — it's a dance challenge in which participants jump out of a moving car, keeping the car door open and then dance to Canadian hip-hop superstar Drake’s hit song "In My feelings" as the car slowly moves on. Police authorities across many countries, including India have warned people against taking part in the challenge as leaping out of a moving car could be dangerous and lead to accidents.

Though the challenge has its own hazards with authorities discouraging it too, some acts recorded have been downright hilarious. Here's a look at few Kiki challenges that went wrong in a funny way

Mumbaikars take up Kiki challenge
The youngsters in Mumbai have taken the Kiki challenge to a whole new level. Nishant, a 20-year-old youth and founder of the YouTube channel 'Funcho' along with his two friends attempted the Kiki challenge on the Mumbai local trains. The trio came into limelight after the video went viral and they were caught by the Mumbai police for performing the Kiki challenge on the Mumbai local trains. The video has garnered over 1.4 million views and has one of them running and dancing next to a moving train.

Farmers want to do it too
Canadian rapper Drake probably never dreamt that his song 'In My Feelings' would inspire two farmers to dance in the mud that too with their oxen. Now that's what we call epic! The 'Kiki challenge village farmers style' was shot in Telangana, India, and was a huge hit getting the channel's owner over 4,92,000 subscribers. Isn't that epic! 

Mother and son do the Kiki
In another viral, a mother-duo son is seen arguing in a car when the son requests his mother to allow him to do the Kiki challenge. Later, the son is seen moving out of the car and dancing like a robot. Soon, his mother joins him and shows off her dance moves on the song. Their robotic dance style and the video has got around 2,142 retweets and 8,397 Likes on the social networking site Twitter. 

Baba Sehgal's fun twist
Indian rap star Baba Sehgal gave a fun twist to the Kiki challenge. In his video, Baba is seen dancing to what is known as the safest kiki challenge. And that too in Hindi! Desi swag you see!

Dog attempts Kiki
In a video retweeted by comedian Trevor Noah, a dog is seen attempting the Kiki challenge as he dances and raises his legs to the tunes of 'In My Feelings'. The video has gone viral on Twitter garnering 12,735 Retweets and around 32,668 Likes. The dog is also seen tapping his feet to the song in reverse mode as he set social media on fire with his quick moves!

Robbed while dancing
Kiki challenge went one notch higher when Twitter user Papa Ish shared a video which he shot from his apartment. In the video, a young girl is seen dancing to the Kiki challenge on a busy street as the car moves slowly. A few minutes later, she realised that her handbag was fallen on the floor and before she could react or get it back two unidentified robbers flew away on their bike with the loot in hand!

Priyank goes gaga over Kiki Challenge
Bollywood actor and Big Boss contestant Priyank Sharma posted a video of him dancing to the beats of Drake's song. He tweeted, "So this is especially for you benu @benafshasoonawalla since you have officially NAILED THIS ONE COMPLETELY and for looking STUNNING in this song and for singing an amazing one. it is an amazing amazing track and is on the top of my playlist.L OVED IT".

Kiki goes acrobatic
Brookelynn Bley whose Instagram profile titles her as the 'Queen of the Rings' posted a video where she is seen showing off her tricks with the acrobatic ring as she moves to Drak's song 'In my Feelings'. She added, "Okay I know I’m late to the trend, but here’s the version where the Jeep is moving."


Okay I know I’m late to the trend, but here’s the version where the Jeep is moving 🚙 😇😛ðŸÂÂÂÂ’• â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€ â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€ (shirt from @hoopermarket❤ï¸Â) â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€ â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€ #inmyfeelingschallenge #kekechallenge #kikidoyouloveme #kikichallenge #dotheshiggy #theshiggychallenge â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€ â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€ â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€ â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€ â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€ â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€ â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€ â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€ â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€â Â€ #wshh #wshhfitness #whistleworthy #womenofwhistle #heretocreate #bemorehuman #9gagfunoff #theellenshow #hoopersofinstagram #hoopersofig #bestvidsnow #thesweatlife #fallontonight #kimmel #edellendegeneres #celestechallengeaccepted #trendingnews #nevergraduate #10minutechallenge #vivalastool #salicerose #bestviideo #psgirls

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When Kiki takes you for a swim to the ocean
By far the most hilarious one! In this Kiki attempt Instagram user hidef_the_chef seems to not only go overboard with his Kiki challenge attempt but when he banged into an ongoing passerby on the road what happened next one wouldn't imagine! The passerby threw him into the ocean. A few minutes later the man was seen swimming in the deep water to save his life.

Kiki gets Indian Classical twist
Twitter user and actor Adah Sharma not only looked stunning in her 50s looks but nailed the Kiki challenge with her mix of western and classical dance. Well, we don't need to tell you more. You can check it for yourself!

When you can't afford a Kiki kick

Twitter user PATRON shared a video on his Twitter profile tweeting, "When you can't afford to do the #kikichallenge" In the video, a guy is seen attempting the Kiki challenge but... as they say rest is not history but Kiki.

Drake's Kiki goes to animal planet
Geoffrey the Giraffe shared a video on Twitter where he was dressed up as a Giraffe and was seen attempting the Kiki challenge. He tweets, "Had some free time so I had to join in on the #KikiChallenge" The video has got about 20K views on Twitter.

Kiki gets romantic and evergreen
This one's an icing on the cake and will surely win your heart and leave you laughing as well! Twitter user BronxHazelEyez tweeted, "YAASS! This is the best #KikiChallenge I’ve seen. Love it! @Drake" where a senior citizen couple is seen tapping their feet to Drake's song In My Feelings. The ever-green couple are seen dancing romantically as the car moves and halts alternately.

Richa Chadha give Kiki fitness goals
Richa Chadha took the Kiki challenge but made sure she sends the right message to her fans, The actress is seen tapping her feet to Drake's song In My Feelings' by hopping on the top of a fitness ball inside a gym instead of dancing alongside the moving car. The actress along with her video wrote,"Kiki If you love me, don’t jump out of a moving. Do try this at home...!

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