'The girl I liked rejected me...'

Jun 16, 2014, 06:01 IST | Dear Diana

After months, I mustered the courage to ask the girl I liked out. But she told me that she did not find me interesting

Dear Diana,
After months, I mustered the courage to ask the girl I liked out. But she told me that she did not find me interesting. She may have been honest, but now when I look back I'm beginning to realise how boring I must be. I had these feelings for a girl for the first time and she rejected me. I am 22 and have never had any girlfriends before and after this I don't think I'll have any in
the future.
— Ravi

Dear Diana 

Dear Ravi,
You are 22 and have a lot of time ahead. Someone who will reciprocate your feelings will come your way. If the girl did not reciprocate, then so be it. You may be heartbroken, but at least she was honest about it. There was no point wasting time with her if she was not interested in you. Lessons learnt and next time you will be older and wiser.

Dear Diana,
My brother seems to be spending more time with his pals than with us. He doesn't come straight home from his classes and college. He comes home late everyday. It's making my mum worried and stressed. My brother doesn't seem to realise that she's the sole breadwinner in our family. He's horrible to her and yet she tolerates his nonsense. I feel like we are drifting apart as a family, and I just want it to be like it used to be. My father passed away five years ago. I love my family to pieces, but I can't cope with my brother's behaviour. He is 17 and I am 24.
— Sheryl

Dear Sheryl,
You may have been the watchful elder sister, but your brother has now grown up with a life of his own. If your mum has been lenient with him, he might be taking undue advantage of it. Get to know who he is hanging out with. He seems to be getting carried away with the freedom he is getting, so a bit of firmness is needed.

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