The madness of King Khan

May 18, 2012, 06:12 IST | Ashwin Ferro

Months after being involved in a pub brawl, this time SRK chose a larger setting for his fight... Wankhede stadium. At the receiving end of his string of abuses � security guards, cops, MCA officials

Haar ke jeetneywaley ko baazigar kehte hai! This dialogue, made famous by Shah Rukh Khan in the 1993 super hit Bollywood flick Baazigar, was on Wednesday night re-invented by the Bollywood actor himself following his post-midnight antics at the Wankhede Stadium. Given SRK’s heated argument with Mumbai Cricket Association officials over entry into the ground with a group of non-accredited guests following his IPL team, Kolkata Knight Riders’ comprehensive 32-run win over hosts Mumbai Indians, the dialogue could well be changed to jeet ke haarnewaley ko SRK kehtey hai. The new dialogue seems apt, considering MCA officials’ claims that Shah Rukh behaved like a “loser” following the post-match prize distribution ceremony function at Wankhede.

Knockout stage: SRK in a livid mood at Wankhede stadium. Pic/AFP

Slapped and abused
“He was not there for the entire match, but suddenly appeared from nowhere after the presentation ceremony and headed to the ground with 20-odd kids. When our security guard stopped him, he slapped the 71-year-old man and began abusing one and all… saying ‘f*** you, f*** MCA, f*** BCCI, f*** ICC…. jo ukhaadna hai ukhaad lo mera (do what you can to me)… main tujhe yahin gaad doonga (I will bury you right here).’ Even after cops intervened, he refused to back down,” an MCA official told MiD DAY in the wee hours of Thursday morning at the Marine Drive police station, where they had come to lodge an official complaint against the actor.

In the line of fire: Vikas Dalvi, a security guard, was allegedly abused by Shah Rukh Khan when the former stopped the children from entering the ground. Pic/Bipin Kokate

Crazy behaviour
A senior cop too admitted that SRK had behaved in a crazy manner. “We first received information that SRK was to enter the venue through the Polly Umrigar Gate. But instead, he came in from an entrance near the West Stand and made his way to the ground from there. That’s when he was stopped and the fracas took place. I immediately rushed across to that side, but by then, things had already turned nasty with SRK abusing the MCA officials. When I intervened, he turned to me with fists clenched and said ‘arrest me, arrest me now, put handcuffs on me’. In a bid to diffuse the situation I sent him away,” said the cop.

Pushing around
Another MCA official, who was an eyewitness to the incident, claimed Shah Rukh was inviting trouble at the very outset. “As soon as he entered the venue and was walking through the stands towards the ground, he turned to some of the spectators and asked which team they were supporting. If they answered Mumbai Indians, he shot back saying ‘f*** you, all’,” said the official. SRK’s personal security guards made matters worse, said another eyewitness. “They were pushing and shoving anyone and everyone, who was coming in their boss’ way.”  

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