These B-Town folk have become the new-found darlings of social media

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They were mostly backbenchers in Bollywood, till they discovered the social networking media and carved a brand new, cool image for themselves

Rishi Kapoor is the latest poster boy of Twitter. The suave, stylish star of the '80s, now just a roly-poly character actor, Chintu had perhaps resigned himself to being recognised as Ranbir Kapoor's father by the new generation.

Rishi Kapoor. Pic/Shadab Khan
Rishi Kapoor. Pic/Shadab Khan 

However, then he joined Twitter, he took it by storm as his self-effacing humour was more than evident in his tweets. His bio, 'Son of a famous father, Father of a famous son. That leaves me nowhere!' had kind of clinched it already and then his refreshingly honest tweets did the rest of the deed.

Ladies, young and old, openly started claiming to have fallen in love with him. Tweet by tweet he proved that he has much more meat than being an ageing ex-star and father of a budding superstar.

Ironically, his innocuous tweet on beef is when he was introduced to Twitter trolls too. He says, "These morons didn't get what I was trying to say. They attacked me. Anyway, each to his own. I realise that not everyone shares your sense of humour, but even then I have got great support from those who do. So it's been too much fun," he says.

Not the one to mince words, Kapoor was keen to join Twitter since his colleague, Anushka Sharma insisted that he should, in 2010. "She told me it's fun, but I didn't get hooked on to it. A while ago, my Facebook account was hacked and that upset me. I was worried about my privacy."

It was Abhishek Bachchan who goaded Kapoor to get active on Twitter recently. "And now I find it to be so much fun. It is my platform to tell everyone what I really am. I am getting too much attention," he chuckles.

Twitter handle: @chintskap
A sample tweet: Heard a constipated male version of the song "Phoolon ka taron ka" from the film "Hare Ram Hare Krishna" on cricket breaks? Sorry for Pancham."

The other celebs who caught us by surprise...
Shirish Kunder

Shirish Kunder
Known more for his not-so-successful movies and his altercation with Shah Rukh Khan, Shirish's humourous side came to the fore only on Twitter. The man is not only on the ball, but also has a humour tinged with sarcastic takes on the goings-on around him.
Twitter handle: @ShirishKunder
A sample tweet: "Kabaddi is a true Indian sport. Everyone gets together and pull down the one person trying to achieve something."

Rahul Khanna
Rahul Khanna
Vinod Khanna's son is known more as the reticient, shy guy who did some fringe roles in Bollywood, always playing that martyr who gives up his girl for the hero. But Rahul showed his true vibrant personality through his Twitter account and one can safely say most of his tweets are LOL-worthy.
Twitter handle: @R_Khanna
A sample tweet: "Friends with kids rarely respond graciously when they learn the helpful parenting tips you gave them were based on dog-training techniques."

Uday ChopraUday Chopra
His not-so-great acting career had unfortunately made him a butt of jokes even though he has moved on to handle a big part of productions for YRF in LA. Thanks to twitter, Chopra's sense of fun shows that the joke's not on him any longer.
Twitter handle: @udaychopra
A sample tweet: "I have nothing to say but I'm going to say it in a way, that makes it sound like its the most important thing that needs to be said." "I have a nagging suspicion that I might be human after all...damn it!"

Shekhar KapurShekhar Kapur
He is known as the sensitive filmmaker, but his romantic side to him was totally unexpected and he mostly tweets mushy stuff. Last heard, hordes of women who have grown up on the fodder of Mills and Boon find the not so young director irresistably attractive and never tire of retweeting his romantic gems...
Twitter handle: @shekharkapur
A sample tweet: "Lessons of Life: You and I. Like one breath chases another. Like night chases day. Our love. The ups chasing the downs" "'What are u doing?' She said. 'Dreaming' I said. 'Come back down to reality' She said. 'Seems a very long way down' I said."

Twinkle KhannaTwinkle Khanna
She was an actress who worked with the best at one point of time. But Twinkle seemed content playing wife to Akshay Kumar and mother to his children and her candle-making business, till her bright sense of humour was discovered through her columns in a newspaper and then on Twitter.
Twitter handle: @mrsfunnybones
A sample tweet: "Gabbar: Tera kya hoga, Kaliya? Me: Careful! You know wht happened to the AIB folks with dark-skin jokes —Mera Kutch Nahin — tere hoga FIR #Gabbar."

Baba SehgalBaba Sehgal
Move on Deepak Chopra and other serious philosophy spewing experts as the rapper has resurfaced and makes lot of sense with his trademark, irreverent humour.
Twitter handle: @OnlyBabaSehgal
A sample tweet: "Chalo dildar chalo, chaand ke paar chalo, ek kaam karo bhaiyya, pehle khar chalo."

First Published: 29 March, 2015 08:20 IST

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