Three points that prompted Shashank Manohar to quit as BCCI prez

May 11, 2016, 12:38 IST | Debasish Datta

Debasish Datta provides the inside story on what led to the Nagpur-based cricket official's decision to resign as president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India

1. 3-year tenure for prez
The recommendation of having a three-year tenure for the BCCI president was not acceptable to Manohar. For the office-bearers, the Lodha Commission suggested it should not exceed more than two consecutive terms, and he/she cannot hold a post in the BCCI and their respective state association simultaneously.

Shashank Manohar. Pic/AFP
Shashank Manohar. Pic/AFP

2. One-state, one-vote
The 'one-state, one-vote' recommendation didn't go down well with Manohar. He argued that it would change the canvas of Indian cricket. It directly affects Manohar's interest as Vidarbha could lose its vote in Maharashtra to Maharashtra Cricket Association and Mumbai Cricket Association.

3. Age limit of 70
The Lodha Commission's recommendation to cap the age of office-bearers at 70 was something the BCCI tried hard to negate. It is learnt, that Shashank Manohar felt that when there is no age cap on the Prime Minister and President of the country, then why have an age limit for BCCI officials?

Frontrunners to be next prez

Anurag ThakurAnurag Thakur, BCCI Secretary

Rajeev ShuklaRajeev Shukla, IPL chairman

Ajay ShirkeAjay Shirke, former BCCI Treasurer

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