Travel: The offbeat honeymoon escape

Oct 22, 2015, 07:54 IST | Dhara Vora

Bored of Bali? Are the Swiss Alps passe? Can’t stand the crowds on Goa's beaches? If the two of you love to live life outside of the ordinary, here are seven ideas to wow you, after you say 'I do'

  1. For water babies: Andaman Islands
What: Beaches make for great honeymoon destinations, with some great sea food to try, soaking up the sun and a swim in the sea.

Andaman Islands

Take it up a notch by including scuba diving to the list. The Andaman Islands fit the bill with its blue waters, spotless beaches and professional scuba diving options at Havelock Island. For the nature lovers, there are forests to  explore too.

2. For the adventurous: New Zealand
What: Bungee jumping into deep canyons, skydiving thrills over scenic locations, zorbing across lush countryside or zip lining over vineyards (in pic), New Zealand could offer the ultimate high for the adrenaline junkies. While no adventure sport is risk- free, there’s plenty of assurance around in the form of trained experts, and the views, surreal.

New Zealand

3. For explorers: Chile, Kutch or Rajasthan
What:  If the Swiss Alps or sunny Goa sounds cliche, why not take the desert route. The harsh climate might sound intimidating, but the desert offers many wonders. One can opt for star gazing, biking or sand surfing. Most desert locations are home to luxury boutique hotels to take care of your stay. Chile’s Atacama desert which is the driest desert in the world, makes for a great exotic locale if you’re willing to splurge. Closer home, Rajasthan or the white desert of Kutch in Gujarat can be a good excuse to explore the two states.

Chile, Kutch or Rajasthan
Pic/Nimesh Dave

4. For architecture buffs: Austria
What:  Paris and the UK might wow the architecture lover but if you wish to take a detour, try Austria. Its capital Vienna is celebrating the 150th anniversary of its popular boulevard Vienna Ringstrasse (ringroad). Vienna, with its classical buildings, is considered as one of nicest cities to live in the world.


5. For nostalgia buffs: Cuba
What:  Colonial buildings, colourful vintage cars going down the roads, and blue skies — Cuba can be picture perfect if you love everything vintage.

Though the country has been wornout by revolution over years, Cuba still calls for a visit  to experience the Caribbean Sea, the heady cocktails and cigars.

6. For the time-strapped: Diu
What:  The time-strapped honeymooners often head to places such as Mahabaleshwar and Matheran. We suggest spare a little more time and head to Diu. The beaches might not be much to look forward to but its Portuguese heritage offers several architectural relics of the era.

Pic Courtesy/

7. For lovers of heights: Sikkim
What:  If you love the hills, forget Manali, and look towards the North-East. Sikkim offers beautiful views of the mountains. Its winding roads are surrounded by lush greenery. The hilly state also has many monasteries, and one can experience hot springs and snow (Changu Lake).

Pic/Dhara Vora

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