TV actor Viraf Patel faints on the sets

Sep 24, 2014, 15:34 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

'Ek Boond Ishq' actor Viraf Patel collapsed while shooting for his show and was rushed to a hospital

Model-turned-actor Viraf Patel, who is shooting for Ek Boond Ishq, was admitted in Kokilaben Ambani hospital last week after he fainted on the sets.

Viraf Patel
Viraf Patel

Viraf says, “It was a regular shift and around 10.30am, I was getting ready to give my shot. But suddenly, I blanked out and lost consciousness. My unit decided to take me to the hospital after the first aid kit didn’t help. The medical authorities then ran some tests on me.”

Given that the actor’s show is soon going to end, Viraf apparently wanted to start shooting for it right away. He was discharged from the hospital after a couple of days. He says, “ When I collapsed on the floor, I hurt my neck badly. This is why I could not shoot for my show. The doctor could not diagnose my condition.

They think that I passed out because of dehydration, which is very unlikely.”

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