Vicky Donor - Movie Review

Apr 21, 2012, 06:29 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Dutch historian Ed Houben is 42 and has fathered 87 kids! Considered as Europe's most prolific sperm donor, he has children across the globe

His semen analysis boasts of a very good 100 million sperm count which in general parlance means of above average quality. In Vicky Donor, Vicky is a happy-go-lucky 20 something Punjabi munda who fathers 53 children!

Sperm donation is considered a boon for childless couples where the husband is infertile for various reasons. It may be mired in ethical problems and considered taboo, but the film takes on
the subject without resorting to any moral judgements. Just like people donate blood, eyes, kidneys, there are some who are willing to donate sperms too!

Though initially reluctant as he is afraid of what people will say, Vicky finally succumbs to it after he realises that he can make a quick buck by doing so. It is a well-kept secret even though his neighbour’s daughter suspects he is taking treatment as he has a problem ‘down there’.

Sircar earlier made the Minissha Lamba-Jimmy Sheirgill-starrer Yahaan in 2005 that was critically-acclaimed. He later began Shoebite with Big B but the film never saw the light of day. He has made scores of ads but Vicky Donor is the film for him. It is replete with humour and one-liners but are all entwined in the story. Annu Kapoor as the infertility specialist lives his role with aplomb.

He can’t see sperms going waste so he’d rather freeze them in his clinic for prospective clients. Both Ayushmann and Yami make their transition from television to Bollywood smoothly. He as the loud-talking Punjabi munda and she as his Bengali girl.

Butter chicken meets macher jhol only to make the story more entertaining. Some moments of the typical Bollywood melodrama are resorted to in the second half but that can be overlooked. It’s the scenes between Annu and Ayushamann that are the most watchable.

What’s equally interesting is the supporting cast that fits in aptly. Watch out for Vicky’s mom and grandmother. Both don’t mind hitting the bottle together after a long day and Vicky feels there are only two things modern in his hometown Delhi — the Metro and his bebe!

Vicky Donor is one of those films that yet again affirm that you don’t need big stars with hefty remunerations nor do you have to cross the Atlantic to scour exotic locations. Lajpat Nagar will do as long as you get the plot (story-screenplay by Juhi Chaturvedi) right. John Abraham in his new role as producer of the project has a reason to smile. 

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