Want to be a member of Kharghar golf course? Wait till 2015

Jan 02, 2014, 15:38 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

CIDCO will take another year to issue the much-awaited memberships, after it forms an organisation to take care of the 103-hectare golf course; until then, plans will be kept on hold

Navi Mumbai has a splendid golf course, but officials have yet been unable to complete the simple task of issuing membership to citizens, despite the fact that people are waiting to buy them.

On December 23, the Kharghar Golf Course completed a year, but the club still has to open to plans for membership. This is because the City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), which developed the facility, has delayed the process, since it doesn’t have the necessary personnel to maintain and take care of the course.
Hence, the body is planning to form a separate company, which would include a team of both CIDCO engineers as well as a group of experts in the field, to ensure that the best of care is given to the golf course. Until this plan materialises, membership plans will remain on hold for another year or so.

“The golf course consists of a huge area that needs dedicated people to look after it. This step is taken so that there is no negligence from the corporation’s side,” said a source.

The corporation claimed that plans would open only by mid January 2015. Shrikant Gosavi, the executive engineer of CIDCO told MiD DAY, “The membership to the golf course will commence once the proposed company is formed. This process will take a year for the membership of the golf course to begin.” Officials say the plan is in its initial stages and needs to be approved by the Board of Directors at CIDCO.

Last month, MiD DAY had reported about how golf enthusiasts had to wait for the membership of the club (‘With membership plans in limbo, golf lovers pay by the hour’, November 21).

Pay and use
Currently, enthusiasts are paying Rs 500 per hour to use the golf course. “Around 60-70 people avail the facilities of the golf course on weekends, due to which the income generated is approximately Rs 5-6 lakh.

Once the membership plans are in place, the income generated will jump to crores, even if we charge a minimum amount per year,” explained a source.
CIDCO began making an 18-hole golf course in the year 2008 on the 103-hectare plot. But the authorities had to modify their plans as some part of the land was under the Forest department’s jurisdiction and its officials refused to part away with it. Due to this, the course finally ended up with only 11holes.

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