Warne slams umpire Aleem Dar; Vaughan sympathises with OZ

Jul 14, 2013, 01:36 IST | Agencies

Australia great Shane Warne slammed umpire Aleem Dar's ruling and said it was just the latest in a line of crunch calls the official had got wrong.

“He always gets the crucial decisions wrong & always has, that's why he's not a great umpire!,” Warne told his Twitter followers.

“We all make mistakes and it’s a very tough job being an umpire, but when Dar continually makes crucial mistakes why does he keep getting a gig?”

Meanwhile, former England captain Michael Vaughan, who played alongside Australia’s new coach Darren Lehmann at Yorkshire, sympathised with Australia.

“The review system was brought in to get rid of the howler, I don’t see why umpire Dar couldn’t have had someone in his ear saying you've got that one wrong let's just overturn that quickly,” said Vaughan, now working as a commentator for BBC Radio’s Test Match Special.

“This has been a terrific game but I think a lot will be talked about that incident, which is sad.” 

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