Watch Shakespeare's green-eyed monster

Oct 11, 2013, 02:02 IST | The Guide Team

This Shakespearean classic has had many renditions; Nicholas Hytner's Othello though should be caught this weekend for its stellar performances

Let us give you the many reasons for watching this Othello screening happening this weekend at NCPA. Firstly, it’s a National Theatre production, secondly it includes a Laurence Olivier-award-winning cast (the award is presented by the Society of London Theatre) and lastly it boasts of an equally acclaimed director, Nicholas Hytner (who also happens to head London’s National Theatre).

A still from the film, Othello

Othello, a Moor of Venice falls in love with a fair-skinned Desdemona. The jealousy saga’s villain Iago has given mankind one of the greatest villains in literature and Rory Kinnear (last impressed the audiences in Skyfall as M’s chief of staff) in that character’s outfit could lead one to reconsider their own will power as Iago topples Othello in his determination to love.

As Providence would have it, the fair-hearted but black-skinned Othello starts suspecting Desdemona of cuckolding him, leading to an outcome of love that chills the bone.

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