Watch video: Find out what would happen if Batman was from Chennai

Apr 09, 2015, 19:07 IST | A Correspondent

A video that has gone viral takes a satirical look into what life would have been like for Batman if the caped crusader of Gotham city was actually a Chennaiite

Imagine if Batman, the caped crusader of Gotham city, was actually an Indian... and that too from Chennai. Say hello to Bruceothaman Waynekataramana from Chennai and his dad Anantha Padmanabhan aka Alfred.

A new hilarious satirical video by a digital video entertainment company imagines how different The Dark Knight's life would have been if he was a middle-class 'tam-brahm' boy.

Batman getting an earful from his dad
Batman getting an earful from his dad

The video depicts a day in the life of this caped crusader of Chennai as he reads a newspaper, fights sore throat, gets his clothes ironed by Iron Man, gets slapped with a speeding ticket.

It also features Batman's bully father who nags him everyday for wearing only black, instead of flamboyant colourful clothes, pulls him up for not being like 'Srinivasan's son' who has a good IT job, pesters him for for returning home late in the night (which is inevitable if you are Batman), calls him 'useless fellow'. This Batman also ends up getting an earful when he calls his Tamilian father Alfred.

Watch out for veteran Tamil actor Delhi Ganesh, who plays Alfred in the satirical glimpse into the life of Batman.

Watch the full video at Culture Machine's YouTube channel Put Chutney.

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