Watch Video: Mumbai traffic cop tows car with woman feeding infant, gets suspended

Nov 12, 2017, 08:30 IST | A Correspondent

Cop alleges that owner had made his wife sit in the car after he had already started towing it away on SV Road, Malad West

On Saturday, a video went viral on social media which showed a woman feeding her infant in a car, as a traffic cop towed away the car. The traffic cop, who was suspended later on Saturday evening, claims that when he towed the car, which was double parked, there was no one in it. He alleges that the car owner made his wife sit in it to prevent the police from towing his car. The traffic police chief, after seeing the video, has ordered an inquiry into the incident. The video, which was shared on Facebook, shows the woman feeding her infant in a white-coloured car on SV Road, Malad West. The traffic cop has attached the car to his towing vehicle and is moving it.

Jyoti Male, who was in the back seat, talks to reporters
Jyoti Male, who was in the back seat, talks to reporters

The husband of the woman is constantly requesting the cop, Shashank Rane, to stop the car as a woman is sitting in the car and feeding her baby. The woman is also screaming and asking him to stop. Speaking to midday, the woman Jyoti Male, who is a former actress, said, "The video shows everything that happened to me. I was constantly being thrown about in the car. I feared for myself and my child. I want strict action to be taken against him or he should come and apologise to me and I will take back my complaint."

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Watch the full Facebook video below...

A grab from the video that went viral
A grab from the video that went viral

The husband's name is Jairaj Male. The top brass of the police department took cognisance of the matter and placed the constable under suspension, pending inquiry, stating that it has been prima facie noticed that the safety of the woman and the child was endangered. Speaking to mid-day, Rane said that the car was double-parked on the road outside Aditi Hotel, SV Road, Malad West. "We saw the car was creating a jam so we towed it. When we were towing the car, there was no one inside. I had even clicked pictures and taken a video of an empty car. After some time, the owner of the car started arguing with me over the tow. He then asked his wife to sit in the car with the child and made the video."

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Speaking to midday, Joint Commissioner of Police Traffic Amitesh Kumar, said, "After we learned about the incident, I asked the DCP to visit the spot and conduct an inquiry into the incident. After the investigation and report, we will take appropriate action."

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