What about your promise, Rahul Sharma?

Apr 09, 2013, 13:02 IST | Bhupen Patel

After last year �'s Juhu rave party incident, the India leg-spinner said he' �d quit cricket if his tests turn out positive

Commitments are easier to make than keep. Rahul Sharma, who represents Pune Warriors India in the Indian Premier League provides an apt example of this. When Sharma was caught at a rave party at the end of his IPL-V campaign last year, he told the media that he would quit cricket if proved guilty in a drug-consuming charge. Though medical reports appear more genuine than Sharma’s commitment at the moment, the not-so-Dabang Sharma is still parading his skills on India’s domestic cricket circuit. 

Rahul Sharma

That day...
On May 20, 2012, Sharma was detained along with South African Wayne Parnell and 94 others from a rave party at Oak Woods Hotel in Juhu, Mumbai. The police asked all detainees to undergo medical tests to find out if they had consumed drugs. On returning to his hometown Jalandhar, Sharma pleaded innocence and then even dared to announce that if he tests positive for drugs through urine and blood samples collected by the police, he would quit cricket.

When he tested positive, the leg-spinner’s father Pradeep Sharma called his son’s statement ‘kiddish’ and hinted that there is some mischief behind the allegations made against his son. While failing to live up to his promise of waving goodbye to the sport he disgraced by consuming drugs, Sharma seems to have defeated the spirit of sport.

Bhupen Patel is Editor — Investigations 

BCCI sending out wrong signals
MiD DAY says:
The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is sending out the wrong signals by allowing Rahul Sharma to grace the IPL, a domestic tournament that comes under their banner.

Sharma has the right to appeal against the verdict. Until he proves his innocence, the BCCI ought to keep him away from the game. Sharma is not the first cricketer to be involved in a drugs case. However, he must accept punishment before moving on to do justice to his promising career. 

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