What's your hood?

Mar 06, 2016, 08:25 IST | SMD Team

New website Living Local tells you how to get the best of your neighbourhood, or another. We tried it out and here’s how it went

The Andheri Hood on Living Local was active enough when we logged in with users posting a barrage of questions for others to answer — 'where can I find a children's trainer', 'anyone bought the Freedom 251 phone' to 'where can I buy peanut butter'. All got valid responses, some even mention numbers and landmarks. Through this app we learnt that box cricket has launched in Lokhandwala and costs Rs 5,000 for three hours. The platform has the potential to turn into a go-to space for solutions. But, there is also the fear spamming by corporates and small-time businesses. The site is divided into Unanswered, (which lets you answer queries) Recommendations, (lets you share your experience) and Hoods (allows you to navigate into other hoods). We stepped into Juhu for a bit, and the questions followed — 'where can I get the best de-tanning service', 'chess classes for my son'. So, if we are in Bandra, we'd be able to get tips from a local.

"Does the Khar-Bandra area really need another information site?" we wondered as we set up our log-in for Living Local, a hyper local website — it will fortunately be converted into an app soon. But, away from the food recommendations that abound in other apps, there is some useful information here. Such as, which doctor to head to if you need an urgent tetanus shot, or where to get the specific lighting that you want for your room or if there is a 'Shiv Mandir in Pali Hill'. These are questions we could have asked our neighbours in the era that we actually knew who lived next to us. Now, there is a website for it. Beware, however, that there are also posts that flood the site that should have been restricted to Facebook or whatsapp groups. "All the best to SSC students", is an example.

Soon on the site: Living Local will be adding more neighbourhoodsm and searches can also be done by categories.
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