Why the party drug Meow Meow is so dangerous

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Prominent Mumbai personalities and experts delve on factors that make the drug so harmful, and also the steps that are being taking to prevent the situation from going out of hand

Devendra Fadnavis
Maharashtra Chief Minister
We have written to the Central government requesting to include certain drugs (Mephedrone and Methamphetamine) and its formation in the Schedule II Category 1 of the NDPS Act. I will seek legal opinion on whether drug peddlers can be booked under Section 328.

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(This section reads: Causing hurt by means of poison, etc., with intent to commit an offence. Whoever administers to or causes to be taken by any person any poison or any stupefying, intoxicating or unwholesome drug, or other thing with intent to cause hurt to such person, or with intent to commit or to facilitate the commission of an offence or knowing it to be likely that he will thereby cause hurt, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.)

Law Enforcement Authorities on Meow Meow

K L Prasad
K L Prasad

Commissioner of Police, Navi Mumbai
The number of drug abuse cases has gone up by 200 per cent this year. We have launched a drive to educate students of classes 8, 9 and 10, as well as junior and degree-college children about the drug abuse. We also assist parents in their child’s rehabilitation. We have instructed senior police inspectors to come down heavily on those involved in peddling drugs. There will also be special checks in the buildup to the New Year.

Himanshu Roy
Himanshu Roy

Joint Commissioner of Police (ATS)
Mephedrone is cheaply available and is extracted through artificial sources, and therefore can be produced in bulk unlike drugs like, say, opium or marijuana, whose supply is limited as their sources are natural. As Meow Meow is not introduced in the NDPS Act yet, we are unable to take stringent action. We are aware that the supply of these drugs will be high as we approach the New Year. If you are aware of any of any information on drug peddling or us, email us at ig.ats@mahapolice.gov.in.

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Purushottam Bhapkar
FDA commissioner and state food health safety chief
I will form a special team to work out the modalities before deciding the future course of action. We may even work closely with the Narcotics Control Bureau, if needed.

Meow meow’s side-effects

>> Loss of appetite, and resultant weight loss
>> Muscle clenching and tremors 
>> Headache, anxiety, and elevated blood pressure
>> Chest pain, accompanied by fast or irregular heartbeat 
>> Difficulty in urinating 
>> Nasal bleed 
>> Changes in body temperature and blue/cold fingers and lips
>> Extremely weak dental hygiene leading to a mouth infection (sometimes referred to as “Meth Mouth”)
>> Insomnia

>> During the “low” phase when the effects of the drug are wearing off, addicts tend to become depressed
>> Some feel they are “zombies” and hallucinate with visions of being among dead people
>> Some turn abusive and violent, leading to a possible law and order problem
>> Paranoia
>> Extreme mood swings

Experts speak on drug abuse

Cardiologist Robin Pinto:
>> Drugs like cocaine can cause intense spasm of the arteries and may lead to heart attacks. 
>> Intravenous drug use with infected syringes can cause infection of the valves on the right side of the heart. 
>> Other drugs may cause rhythmic disturbances of the heartbeat.

Psychiatrist Sanjay Kumavat:
>> Meow Meow can increase the levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that elevates levels of pleasure, but soon the drug could lead to mental illnesses such as psychosis, clinical depression, or schizophrenia. 
>> There are intense mood swings and feelings of suicide.

Dental Expert and Professor, Hemant Dhusia:
>> Drug addicts avoid brushing their teeth and cleaning the tongue. 
>> Accumulation of food debris promotes dental decay and gum diseases. 
>> Saliva formation is affected, leading to bad breath, which promotes the growth of bacteria.

Comparative cost of contraband in Mumbai
Cocaine: Rs 3,000 per gm
Brown sugar: Rs 80-100 per gm 
Crystal meth: Rs 1,500-Rs 1,800 per gm
Meow Meow: Rs 150-500 per gm
Ecstasy (per tablet): Rs 300-500 
Acid LSD (a microdot on blotting paper): Rs 400-600 per dot 
Hashish or charas (per 10 gm): Rs 100 
Ganja (small packet): Rs 100

What should parents look out for in kids
>> Ensure you have a meal with them at least once every day
>> Spend a few hours interacting with them as friends 
>> Do not let your teenage kids have sleepovers 
>> Teenagers attending evening parties should have a curfew 
>> Do not give unlimited access to money 
>> If there is a drop in grades, your antenna should go up immediately
>> Be on the alert for new sets of friends and their interactions
>> Cash and other valuables like jewellery and gadgets may start disappearing from home. This is usually a sign of drug addiction.

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