Woman approaches cops against 'abusive', 'dishonest' husband

Jan 15, 2013, 06:47 IST | Akela

Says he frequently assaulted her for money; claims she discovered two years into their marriage that he was almost completely deaf, and had used a forged graduation certificate to get a job

Pooja Patil (34) knew the honeymoon period was over when five days after their wedding her husband allegedly started assaulting her. The law graduate had met Sachin Adhatrao (35) through a matrimonial website. The two tied the knot on October 23, 2009.

Pooja Patil Sachin Adhatrao
Pooja Patil and her husband Sachin Adhatrao had met through a matrimonial website

While Pooja is a deputy manager with an insurance company in Powai, Sachin a resident of Rabale, Navi Mumbai was at the time employed with a logistics firm in Qatar as an operations executive. Pooja has alleged that less than a week after their nuptials, Sachin began harassing her over financial issues. On November 7, 2009 he flew back to Qatar.

Pooja, who has already filed a first information report and seven non-cognisable offences against her husband, is in the process of filing a fresh FIR. She claims Sachin had lied to her about being a graduate. Two years into their marriage, she maintains, she found out that he was substantially hard of hearing. Meanwhile, Sachin has approached the Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) a men’s rights organisation to take on his wife.

Pooja recounts one incident when they were chatting over the Internet after their wedding, while Sachin was in Qatar. She told her husband that she had been conferred a bonus by her employers. Sachin asked her the amount and Pooja told him. Replying to this, Sachin allegedly said, “A girl like you who sleeps with her boss should have got more.”

In July 2010, Sachin resigned from his job and returned to Mumbai. He remained unemployed for months. Hostility between the couple escalated. Pooja has alleged that she was forced to bear all their expenses home loan premiums, society maintenance charges, domestic help’s salaries, electricity bills etc.

“He started abusing and beating me frequently, and even hit my father. He damaged our LCD TV and once tried to choke our son. I have lodged seven NCs (copies with MiD DAY) at Rabale police station against him,” said Pooja.

The situation took a peculiar turn when Pooja once took Sachin to an ENT hospital in Mulund on the pretext of getting her own ears checked. The doctors examined Sachin too and concluded that his right ear had been operated upon when he was about 15 years old and there was no eardrum in it. They added that the hearing in his left ear too had gone down to about 35 per cent. Pooja also discovered that Sachin was not a graduate and he had secured his previous job with a fake mark sheet.

She has now approached Mulund police to register an FIR of cheating and forgery against her husband. Pooja also claims that once Sachin cut off her hair while she was sleeping. “Jab maine Sachin se reason poochha to usne kaha ki ek din aise hi tumhara aur bete ka gala bhi kaat dunga (When I asked him the reason he threatened to slit my throat and said he would kill our son too),” she said.

Sachin’s family too allegedly tortured Pooja and demanded Rs 35 lakh from her for purchasing a flat at their native place. On November 1, 2011 Pooja had registered an FIR (copy available with MiD DAY) regarding this at Rabale police station.

The other side
“My wife Pooja has been collecting documents pertaining to us since our marriage. She is a law graduate and is misusing her degree. I am aware of all her complaints and FIR. I will fight this. I have joined the Save Indian Family Foundation now. All her allegations are false and baseless. She has money. She can do anything she wants. I had told her that I was not a graduate; I have acquired that degree now. I never smoke, but she does. She often ordered me to bring her cigarettes. She booted my mother and me out of our home. If she changes her behaviour, I am prepared to stay with her and forget the past,” Sachin told MiD DAY. 

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