Woman assaulted at Lalbaugcha Raja: 2 constables suspended for thrashing devotee

Sep 30, 2015, 06:45 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Anuradha Solunke and Varsha Patil were suspended for thrashing Nandini Goswami near the VIP entrance for Lalbaugcha Raja; another video has since surfaced, in which Goswami is seen provoking the on-duty cops

In an attempt to reign in the ongoing controversy, the Mumbai police yesterday suspended two female constables from the Local Arms Unit-III for allegedly assaulting Nandini Goswami near the VIP entrance of Lalbaugcha Raja on Friday. The city police received flak from all quarters after the video of the incident went viral on social media.

In the 29-second video, which went viral after visarjan on Sunday night, four female constables can be seen abusing and thrashing a young woman and her mother. After the media and social media highlighted the issue, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis ordered an inquiry into the matter resulting in the suspension of constables Anuradha Solunke and Varsha Patil.

“The two constables were present at the main gate of Lalbaugcha Raja with other officers when Nandini Goswami, her father and mother tried to gatecrash the VIP entrance. The woman allegedly abused the constables, claiming she was a karate champion. It was after the scuffle broke out between her and the constables that an onlooker recorded a video of the fight on his cell phone and later posted it online,” said a police officer requesting anonymity.

Deven Bharti, joint commissioner of police (Law and Order), said based on the video, the two constables had been suspended for assaulting the woman. Commenting on the issue, Goswami’s employer Saurav Sharma, a freelance actor and singer, said, “Nothing will be achieved by suspending the constables. We need to change the system.”

The missing link?
In a new video that surfaced yesterday, which seems to be a missing part of the earlier video, Goswami can be seen kicking the barricade and provoking the on-duty constables by pointing fingers at them.

“In the latest video, it is evident that she (Goswami) is arguing with the officers, and kicking the barricades. It was after she refused to listen that the female constables decided to use force to control her. An inquiry has already been ordered into the matter,” said a police officer.

Cops record statement
DCP (Zone IV) Ashok Dudhe and ACP Vijay Bagwe recorded journalist Poonam Apraj’s statement yesterday. Apraj too had alleged that she was manhandled by the on-duty cops at Lalbaugcha Raja.

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