Woman remembers Dr Deepak Amrapurkar who changed her life

Sep 04, 2017, 17:27 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

Amongst the many people mourning the tragic death of Dr Deepak Amrapurkar was top Indian wine label's brand ambassador, Noi Cecilia Oldne

Noi Cecilia Oldne and a colleagueNoi Cecilia Oldne and a colleague

Amongst the many people mourning the tragic death of Dr Deepak Amrapurkar, the 59-year-old gastroenterologist who had gone missing after Tuesday's downpour and was confirmed dead after many hours of anxious searching, when his body was found near Worli, was top Indian wine label's brand ambassador, Noi Cecilia Oldne.

Apparently the doctor's timely intervention had cured her of a chronic pancreatic condition, which had prevented her from not only enjoying good health but also an occasional glass of wine, something that her profession required.

"Not many people know that 5 years ago I didn't drink a single drop of alcohol - this because I had a pancreas condition and was told by multiple doctors that if I consumed alcohol, I would die. Not the easiest advice for me to digest, also keeping in mind my profession!" she said in a heart-felt post on social media last week, on learning of the doctor's untimely death.

Dr Deepak Amrapurkar
Dr Deepak Amrapurkar

"I am forever grateful to you Dr. Deepak Amrapurkar - you were a man who didn't take no for an answer, and I'm sure you saved many lives. Can only imagine how many people there are out there who share my respect for you," she wrote, adding, "You should know you were a star down here and now you're a star in the sky!"

Oldne herself had experienced a harrowing time (like so many others) in the same floods. With a car out of petrol and a driver with a broken leg, she had ventured out of her office around 10.30 pm in Andheri East with a colleague, with hopes of getting a ride home to Bandra.

Fortunately, a kind man running an animal rescue NGO had seen their 'Bandra rescue' notes, and given them a ride to Parle, she'd posted along with this evocative picture. "But we still have hope!" said the doughty India loving expat. "At least for the kind acts of Mumbai's people".

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