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May 06, 2014, 08:21 IST | The Guide team

Three questions with best-selling author of book 'Right Here, Right Now', Nikita Singh

Q. What according to you, has been instrumental in the success of your books, especially since each of your six titles until now has been a rage on online bookstores?
A. I write about lives and stories about people like me, and hence, it is relatable. Also, the social media platform is being used, increasingly, to promote books aggressively, and all year around, even after a book has been released. In contrast, physical book launches happen only when the book is ready for the market. People find it easier to go online and order books of their choice. 

 best-selling author of book 'Right Here, Right Now', Nikita Singh
According to online platform Flipkart, Nikita Singh’s titles outstrip works by Nicholas Sparks, Amitav Ghosh and Ayn Rand

Q. Without giving too much away in Right Here, Right Now, what will appeal to readers — including first timers to
your writing?
A. All of my earlier titles are general fiction, for an older age group. This title falls in the young adults sub-genre, and so, apart from first-timers, it will be a new segment for my existent readers too. In my previous books, I would write about girls my age (she is 22) but this one, about a 17-year-old, looks at life as a teenager. This will be identifiable among teenagers as well as readers like me who will be able to recall the times when they felt misunderstood, misread or weren’t able to figure why things were happening in a certain way. 

 best-selling author of book 'Right Here, Right Now', Nikita Singh
Right Here, Right Now, Nikita Singh, Rs 175, Penguin Books India. Available at leading bookstores.

Q. Is young India keen on reading? What challenges writers like you face to tap into this age bracket?
A. At the end of the day, content matters the most. Word of mouth also goes a long way in building a reader base. These two are inter-related. If your writing is believable and can connect with the reader, everything else will fall into place.

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