WT20: When R Ashwin took on Bangladeshi trolls and 'won'

Mar 14, 2016, 18:01 IST | A Correspondent

Bangladesh cricket fans target Ravinchandran Ashwin over his tweet 'supporting' Oman in their WT20 qualifier game against Bangladesh, but the India offie handles the 'opposition' deftly 

Cricket supporters are very passionate creatures, but they can sometimes take their 'job' of supporting their team too seriously and in doing so cross the line. Bangladeshi fans are no exception to this rule and Sunday saw another instance of the Bangla Tigers' supporters going overboard.

If just ahead of the Asia Cup 2016 final against India it was skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni who was the target with a morphed image of Bangladesh fast bowler Taskin Ahmed holding a chopped head of the India captain going viral, this time it's the turn of off-spinner Ravinchandran Ashwin.

Ashwin’s tweeted ahead of the Bangladesh vs Oman World T20 qualifier, "Can't wait to see the Bangladesh v Oman game. If Bangladesh win, the whole country will be happy but if Oman does Cricket will be happy. #WT20." and this led to over-the-top reactions from supporters of the Bangladesh team, who took to Twitter to troll the Indian cricketer.

While Ashwin's initial tweet was in support of the underdog, the Bangladeshi fans didn't take kindly to it. But Ashwin handled the attacks on him with deftness and witticism. Ashwin kept hitting back the Trolls for sixes throughout with his clever and smart replies.

Once Tamim Iqbal scored his brilliant hundred against Oman, Ashwin was quick to congratulate him. On can only hope that the supporters of the teams play the game in the same spirit as the cricketers do.




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