'You can't understand people's issues sitting in an office'

Jun 06, 2013, 11:46 IST | Richa Pinto

V Radha, an IAS officer who was recently appointed the joint managing director of CIDCO, has decided to begin her tenure with a visit to villages of Project-Affected-Persons (PAPs)

After having proved her mettle as the deputy municipal commissioner for BMC and made her mark as the first woman collector of Aurangabad, V Radha has now added another feather to her cap. The IAS officer was recently appointed joint managing director of CIDCO. The bureaucrat, who calls herself ambitious, says that she lives by the rules of credibility and integrity.

V Radha has many feathers in her cap. She was the first woman collector for Aurangabad

Radha was appointed to the new post on May 22. Topping her agenda is a plan to visit villages of Project Affected Persons (PAP) in Navi Mumbai, who have been displaced by ongoing projects in the satellite city. She plans to meet them personally and have a clear understanding of the issues plaguing them.

Pragmatic as ever, Radha is aware that the issues have grown over decades and cannot be solved immediately. In conversation with MiD DAY, she said, “Although I do want to speed up crucial projects in the city, I would be keen on doing so by bringing everything into the public domain, so that the confidence of people is bolstered as well. As a bureaucrat, it is essential to prove your credibility at every stage. It’s trial by fire each time, especially for IAS officers like us. The Navi Mumbai Airport project is definitely a priority for me. Without it, the city cannot grow.”

Talking about her plan to visit the villages of PAPs herself, she said, “It is not easy to understand people’s issues sitting in an office. I am keen on going and meeting the villagers to understand what the grassroot problems are. Once you are on the field you get a good idea about the loopholes.” Radha also plans to use technology in a big way in the workings of CIDCO, using IT interfaces. 

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