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Apr 07, 2014, 10:20 IST | Dhara Vora

Just One, a video by filmmaker Maheep Dhillon for Meghalaya’s Chief Electoral Officer, with music by the Shillong Chamber Choir, makes for a musically apt narrative that urges India’s youth to vote

As the general elections begin today, the mudslinging by potential electoral candidates has lead to several spoof and wannabe videos doing the rounds on the Internet. One good video that stands out from the crowd and drives a simple point across — to go and vote — is Just One.

The video in making at Meghalaya

This video has been produced by the Chief Electoral Officer Meghalaya to urge the young voters of the state (who form a large part of their population) as well as the country to step out and cast their vote. This video has been produced in collaboration with the popular Shillong Chamber Choir, to connect with young voters. Filmmaker Maheep Dhillon has directed the video. Set in beautiful locations across Shillong, the foot-tapping music to video has been created by Neil Nongkynrih.

“This time, they wanted to create a public service video to bring in the young voters between the age group of 18 to 28. The video drives across the point that even though they are young, they are adults who can make their own decisions and spell out how they feel. The video had to drive this point across without being preachy,” recalls Dhillon.

A still from the video, Just One. Pic courtesy Chief Electoral officer Meghalaya, Shillong

Rajesh Mapuskar, director of Sharman Joshi-starrer Ferrari Ki Sawaari, with whom Dhillon had worked with on the movie, has supervised the entire video. Dhillon involved local residents for the production of the video too.

“While the people form the North-East connect with the video, for rest of the country, it also drives the message across that North-East is a part of India, something that several citizens have been ignoring since long,” asserts Dhillon.

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