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Apr 18, 2013, 23:33 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Your foodie instincts can help you win this treasure hunt. Embark on the Pune Food Hunt where the challenge is to search for eateries across the city

Foodies have much to rejoice as the Pune Food Hunt is happening for the first time in the city. Know where to get the best Misal in Pune? Ever stood in a queue just to get your handson fresh, hot Bhakarwadi? Then this quest is for you. Organised by The Western Routes and Janwani, the event is part of Virasat Pune Heritage Week 2013. You can get fellow foodies and make teams of up to four people. You will be given a map and you would have to go hunting for the food joints as per the hints given. Participation fee is Rs 500 per team. Registration is open till 5 pm today.

 Participants will have to locate eateries that serve special dishes

Jayesh Paranjape, organiser of the event and founder of The Western Routes, compares the event to a treasure hunt. “It is a competition about hunting food outlets in the city that are old and well-known. There are a lot of eateries in Pune that are well known, the city has a trail of its own. The Misal and Bhakarwadi that you find here you won’t find anywhere else. The hunt will start at Shaniwarwada and end at Tilak Tank,” he states.

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Over four hours, participants are allowed to travel on bikes or cars as they hunt for eateries. More than 20 teams are expected to participate in the event. A team will consist of a minimum of two and maximum of four people. Everyone will get a kit and there will be a briefing session as well at MCCI building on SB road today.

Participant Nachiket Aradhye, a college student, admits that he got interested in the event as it presents a challenge. “The combination of a challenge and food made me decide to participate in it. We are a group of four and we will be travelling on our bikes. We are very excited to participate in the event as we want to explore and find out different food joints in the city,” he states.  There will be a trophy for the winners alongwith gift vouchers and discount coupons from various companies for the runners-up. 

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