Yuvraj Singh has a blast at Bahrain Grand Prix

Apr 24, 2012, 07:31 IST | Mandeep Singh

India all-rounder has a blast resting, relaxing and rooting for Team Ferrari at the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix

Charismatic Indian cricketer and World Cup hero Yuvraj Singh surprised his fans here when he decided to chill out in the country with a close friend during the recent Formula One Grand Prix. Yuvraj said he was overwhelmed by the country’s hospitality during his three-day stay in Bahrain to attend the race from April 20 to 22.

India cricketer Yuvraj Singh with a member of the Ferrari team during Sunday’s Bahrain GP.Pics/ Mandeep Singh

“I have been absolutely stumped by the hospitality. It’s wonderful,” said Yuvraj, who returned to India from Boston last week after receiving treatment for a rare germ cell cancer. Speaking of the spate of protests that threatened to disrupt the race, Yuvraj said: “It’s a shame there has been so much said about Bahrain. I have had a wonderful time visiting friends and interacting with fans.”

... with TV anchor Rannvijay

He was accompanied by actor TV anchor Rannvijay Singh. “I have felt completely at ease and have been relaxing for the last four days,” said Yuvraj. “I had to go somewhere to rest for a while and relax and I am glad to be here. I had heard so much about Bahrain from friends, so I just took this opportunity to be here to coincide with the Bahrain GP,” he added. Dressed in a red Ferrari shirt and cap and jeans, Yuvraj cheered for the Italian outfit and willingly obliged fans, who swarmed him for autographs and pictures.

... with a bunch of fans

“I am happy to do this and am enjoying the atmosphere.” About his recovery from the dreaded illness, he said: “I am well and getting better.” Fans were clearly in awe of the dashing all-rounder, who unassumingly chatted with them and answered their questions. He calmly walked around the paddock and pit lane area with fan. One young Bahraini girl was moved to tears even as she shook hands with “her hero”.

... with Bahrain’s crown prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa

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