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SonoFit Review - Hearing Supplement Scam Actually Work? Customer Complaints and Side Effects

Updated on: 02 May,2023 06:24 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Are you aware that dietary supplements are available to ensure perfect ear health? Find more on SonoFit, an all-natural supplement for optimum ear health.

SonoFit Review - Hearing Supplement Scam Actually Work? Customer Complaints and Side Effects

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World Health Organization estimates that by 2050, about 2.5 billion people will have hearing loss. The organization adds that over 700 million people may need hearing rehabilitation by 20250.

These alarming statistics point to the need to maintainexcellent ear health. The ears are sensitive organs that are vulnerable to various ailments. From hearing loss to tinnitus, a number of hearing disorders can occur in people who don’t maintain healthy ear functioning.

Numerous dietary and non-dietary supplements are available to care for ear health. But only some of them produce the desired result. SonoFit is a popular hearing health supplement with a 100% success rate in preventing hearing loss and similar hearing ailments.

The section below traces the composition, features, positives, and negatives of SonoFit. It also attempts to conclude whether it is advisable to use SonoFit regularly for better ear health.

SonoFit: An Overview


  • Product: Herbal hearing health supplement


  • Item Form: Liquid


  • Brand: SonoFit


  • Unit Quantity: 30 ml


  • Age Range: Above 18 years


What is SonoFit?

SonoFit is a hearing supplement that contains natural ingredients that work great for ear health. SonoFit helps relieve the stress experienced by ears daily and prevents hearing loss from happening. It comes in a liquid form with a dropper.

It works very well with tinnitus, also. Tinnitus is the condition of hearing noises like ringing in the ears. It usually happens as a result of exposure to high-intensity sounds. SonoFit works exceptionally well with tinnitus patients.

SonoFit combines minerals, vitamins, and various natural ingredients like herbs. This natural blend contains no artificial elements and effectively nourishes the entire ear structure.

The product is manufactured in an FDA-certified production facility. The ingredients are all non-GMO and allergen-friendly. It is easy to use and contains no stimulants.

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SonoFit: Ingredients

The highlight of SonoFit is its all-plant formula. It features eight significant components that are all extracted from various medicinal plants. These primary ingredients of SonoFit are:












·         Common plant with medicinal properties

·         Its flowers and leaves help maintain ear health.

·         The flower extract of mullein helps with hydrating the eardrum.

·         It prevents ear infections and irritations.

·         Relieves ear pain and swelling

·         Fast relief is possible










Garlic Oil


·         Garlic oil is rich in sulfur compounds.

·         Sulfur compounds have excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

·         It helps solve inner ear inflammation.

·         Prevents ear infections that can potentially lead to permanent hearing loss.

·         Prevents ototoxicity and related damages. Ototoxicity is the condition of hearing loss due to the reactions from certain medications.

·         Promotes flushing out the toxins from the body

·         Manages vertigo symptoms. Vertigo is the condition in which you lose body balance due to balance issues happening within the inner ear.






Olive Oil


·         Softens ear wax and helps to remove it quickly.

·         It provides a soothing sensation to ear irritations

·         Relieves swelling of the inner ear

·         Prevents excess ear wax from forming inside the ear

·         Protects the eardrum

·         Nourishes the inner ear








Lavender Oil


·         Possesses anti-inflammatory properties

·         It helps relieve ear pain

·         Works well during sinus infections and infections from injuries.

·         It contains Linalyl Acetate, which soothes the inner ear lining.

·         Possesses anti-swelling properties

·         Eliminates fungal infections

·         Mild enough to be used in children

·         It contains natural anti-bacterial components like camphor and linalool







Tea Tree Oil


·         It is extracted from Australian tea trees.

·         Has antigerm properties

·         Great cleanser

·         Clears the inner ear of ear wax and other dirt

·         Relieves pains and injuries present in the ear canal. It is the best remedy for hearing loss that happens due to injuries.

·         Has antiseptic qualities










·         Traditional herbal medicine

·         It has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve swelling in the inner ear.

·         It helps prevent tinnitus, otitis externa, otitis media, and Meniere's disease. Otitis externa is the inflammation in the inner ear that happens due to water remaining after swimming. Otitis media is when bacteria cause a middle ear infection. Meniere's disease is a balance-related disorder.

·         Flushes out toxins from the body

·         Rich in antioxidants







Pumpkin Seed Oil


·         Great source of Omega-3 acids

·         Prevents age-related hearing loss

·         Nourishes and moisturizes the inner ear

·         It has a soothing property that works well with ear infections and irritations.

·         Protect the ear cell membrane from suffering any damages

·         The zinc content in pumpkin seed oil promotes nerve transmission in the ears

·         The magnesium content relaxes inner ear muscles






DL- Alpha Tocopherol


·         A rare form of Vitamin E

·         Repairs skin cells

·         Hydrates and nourishes the eardrum

·         Prevents the free radicals from damaging the ear cells

·         Protects the auditory nerves from suffering excessive stress

·         Promotes blood flow to the inner ear and thereby improves hearing

·         Improves the overall ear functioning



SonoFit: Benefits

SonoFit offers several benefits to users without causing many side effects. Some of the widespread uses of consuming SonoFit are:

1. Prevents Ear Infections

Ear infections are a common occurrence. It happens when bacteria enter the middle ear. An infected ear swells up and starts building up harmful fluid. The Echinacea content in SonoFit possesses anti-bacterial properties. Its active compounds, like flavonoids and polysaccharides, promote the ear’s immunity and prevent infections.

2. Nourishes and Hydrates Eardrum

It is necessary to keep the eardrum hydrated for better ear health. The DL- Alpha Tocopherol content in SonoFit produces natural oils to the eardrum’s surface. These natural oils nourish and hydrate the eardrum very well. SonoFit also contains Vitamin E,which has inherent hydrating properties.

3. Relieves Ear Aches

Ear aches are very common in both children and adults. The garlic oil content in SonoFit helps cure earaches. It also has a compound called allicin, which helps reduce pains, inflammations, and infections. The anti-bacterial properties of SonoFit make sure that pain-causing infections do not repeat.

4. Easy Removal of Ear Wax

Small amounts of ear wax are not harmful to ear health. But excessive ear wax can cause infections and even affect hearing abilities. Ear wax tends to hard up inside the ear, making removing it difficult. The olive oil content in SonoFit softens the ear wax and makes it effortless to remove. Olive oil also nourishes the parts of the ear that went dry due to the ear wax.

5. Removal of Ototoxins

Ototoxins are elements that cause damage to ear cells which causes severe hearing loss. The Echinacea content in SonoFit breaks down and flushes out all the toxins. It also nourishes the ear and improves hearing.

6. Reduces Inflammation

Sustained inner ear inflammation is a common cause of hearing loss. SonoFit has many ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties. Mullein, lavender oil, garlic oil, Echinacea, etc., relieve all kinds of swelling and inflammation. They boost the blood flow toward the inflamed area, which slowly reduces the inflammation.

SonoFit: Features

Some of the critical features of SonoFit are the following.

  • Ingredients are 100% natural
  • Promotes 20/20 hearing
  • GMO-free
  • Non-stimulant
  • GMP- Certified
  • FDA- approved production facility
  • Quality assured
  • Available on e-commerce websites
  • Free bonuses
  • 60- day money back guarantee

How Does SonoFit Work?

Recent studies have pointed out that inflammation is the primary cause of hearing loss. Most infections and auditory ailments cause inflammation inside the ears, which ends up causing the loss of elasticity in the eardrums. Once the eardrum loses its elasticity, it becomes difficult to receive sound signals, which eventually causes hearing loss.

SonoFit addresses repeated inflammations and the possibility of losing the eardrum elasticity as the chief causes of hearing loss. SonoFit contains nourishing components like olive oil and lavender oil, which keep the eardrums nourished and hydrated. They help maintain the elasticity of the eardrum.

SonoFit also contains multiple anti-inflammatory components like mullein. They help with managing the inflamed area and prevent any future inflammations. In the absence of inflammations, more blood flows toward the inner ear, which promotes active hearing.

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SonoFit: Clinical Studies

The SonoFit formula and its active ingredients have undergone numerous clinical studies, which proves their efficiency singlehandedly.

  • A clinical study report published in The Journal of Clinical Speakers focuses on the swimmer’s ear condition (otitis externa). The study proves that tea tree oil, a major SonoFit component, is an excellent remedy for treating otitis externa and similar hearing ailments.
  • An animal study report published in 2020 shows that regular pumpkin oil decreases inner ear inflammations, reduces tinnitus symptoms, and relieves hearing loss due to sound exposure.
  • Institute of Natural Medicines, Japan, conducted a clinical study on Echinacea, a major SonoFit component. The study indicates that Echinacea relieves and cures inner and middle ear infections.
  • The Indian Journal of Medical Research has found the anti-fungal properties of garlic extract. The study adds that supplements like SonoFit that contain a reasonable amount of garlic extract reduce the chances of an ear infection.

SonoFit: Dosage and Administration


SonoFit comes in an airtight bottle that contains 30 ml of the serum or liquid. The bottle also contains an easy-to-pour dropper. The recommended dosage is nearly three to four drops at a time. You are expected to use it twice a day.

Administration Method

You have to tilt the head a bit and pour two to three drops into each ear using the dropper. You have to keep the head tilted until the supplement is absorbed correctly. It is better to keep the dosage within the recommended limit.

SonoFit: Precautions and Side Effects

SonoFit consists of 100% natural ingredients. The supplement is produced in an FDA-certified manufacturing facility. No allergens were used during the production of SonoFit. Due to these reasons, SonoFit is highly safe for regular usage.

The supplement does not cause any side effects as long as it is within the recommended limit. The formula mainly contains natural oils, so it does not cause any reactions. But if any of the ingredients is allergy-causing for the user, chances are there to develop rashes and irritations.

For precautions, the following people are advised not to use SonoFit.

  • Pregnant women
  • Nursing mothers
  • Below 18 years
  • People have other medications
  • People who are vulnerable to allergies and reactions

People who are vulnerable to allergies are requested to go through the ingredients list properly to avoid an accident.


Hearing aid supplements like SonoFit are helpful to an extent in reducing the chances of hearing loss. This serum supplement helps relieve hearing ailments and improves hearing capability. It contains eight essential oils that nourish the eardrum and reduce damage-causing inflammations.

After closely reviewing SonoFit, its positive impacts are highly convincing. Its regular usage does reduce inflammations and earaches. It works very well with hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises. Even for people who have perfectly healthy ears, using SonoFit helps eliminate any future chances of infection or cell damage. Read also – Prostadine         

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1. What are the disadvantages of SonoFit?

The only disadvantage of SonoFit is that it is not available in physical stores. It is only available on its official website. So, people who don’t have access to the internet cannot purchase the product.

2. Is SonoFit an alternative for hearing aids?

SonoFit improves the ability to hear. But it cannot wholly replace hearing aids. Hearing aids are much more powerful devices that can amplify sound signals. SonoFit improves the conditions in the ear and makes it ideal to receive sound signals in the best way possible.

3. How long would it take to get results with SonoFit?

The time taken for results entirely depends on the intensity of hearing loss and the individual's general health. SonoFit usually takes three to six months to show visible changes. But for some, changes may happen at an early stage also. But even if no visible changes happen after two to three months, keeping the dosage the same is advisable.

4. What are SonoFit bonuses?

SonoFit bonuses are complimentary gifts that are available with combo packs of the product. Bonus 1 is the popular e-book 'Nature's hearing aids'. Bonus 2 is another popular e-book, 'The Native American hearing handbook'. Bonus 1 and 2 are available with 3 x 30 ml and 6 x 30 ml combo packs, respectively.


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