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Five celebrity trainers dish out time based workout routines

Updated on: 15 April,2020 07:23 AM IST  |  Mumbai
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If the barrage of workout videos flooding your news feeds has left you confounded, pay heed to these five celebrity trainers who've prepared routines for as much time as you have.

Five celebrity trainers dish out time based workout routines

File picture of Katrina Kaif, Yasmin Karachiwala executing the reverse-lunge. pics/Instagram, Facebook

25 minute

Workout by: Yasmin Karachiwala, Founder Yasmin's Body Image
Trainer to: Katrina Kaif

15 repetitions of stationary lunges; progression: forward lunges: Stand upright with the feet hip-distance apart. Take the right leg forward, and bend the knees with both legs at 90 degrees. Push up with the front heel to come back to the original position.

15 repetitions of wall push-ups; progression: incline push-ups: You can use a chair or a table to do this. Inhale when going down, and exhale while coming up. Lower the body in one straight line.

15 repetitions of diamond sit-ups, progression: increasing repetitions: Lie on the back with the legs in a diamond position and arms overhead.


Come up, extend your back, and curl back down with your abdominal, and repeat. 

25 repetitions of all-fours butt blaster; progression: bridge pulses: Get into an all-fours position by placing the hands under the shoulders and knees [in line with] the hips.

Without altering the distribution of weight among your palms and knees, lift one leg upwards in a 90-degree angle and pulse the foot upwards.
30 seconds of skaters; progression: squat jumps: Take one leg behind the other in a cross, and punch the fist of the same hand forward. Keep shuffling from side to side as you continue to punch. For squat jumps, fold at the hips as you go into a squat, and then jump.

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10 minute


Workout by: Sohrab Khushrushahi, Founder SOHFIT (@sohfitofficial)
Trainer to: Alia Bhatt

Step 1: Four minutes of skips/jumping jacks/mountain climbers: This is the cardio piece in the workout. You must aim to perform maximum skips in four minutes. When skipping, keep the elbows tucked in, and legs together. Do the mountain climbers if you have attempted the movement before, since doing it for four minutes may be tough [for a novice].

Step 2: Three minutes of sit ups/ab crunches: Make sure the shoulder crosses the hip in butterfly sit-ups. If you're not used to doing sit-ups, lock your legs into something, or have someone stand on your feet to make it easier. You can also do leg raises; when doing so, tuck your stomach in.


Step 3: Two minutes of squats: This is the leg piece in the routine. Keep the legs shoulder-width apart, squeeze the butt, and drive the hips back and down. If you've not done squats before, keep a chair behind you, sit on it and stand up. If you've done squats, swap it with lunges the next time you do this circuit.

Step 4: One minute of push ups: Place your hands under the chest when doing this workout. Go all the way down before pushing up. If you're not used to doing this, do it on your knees. If you want to get adventurous, and make it more intense, try burpees instead.

Count your reps and note how many you execute within 10 minutes.

45 minute


Workout by: Swapneel Hazare,
Founder Shield Fitness (@shieldfitness360)
Trainer to: Hrithik Roshan

Complete five rounds of the following:

10 repetitions of all-fours to high plank: When doing this exercise, position the wrist under the shoulder, and knees under the hips. When moving the legs into plank, keep the body stable.

10 repetitions of squat into oblique crunch: Perform the exercise in a shoulder-width stance. Squat down and as you stand up, twist your right elbow towards your left knee to execute an oblique crunch.

10 repetitions of Y to W: Lie down on the stomach. Drive your arms straight ahead and lift it off the floor. Bend your elbows, retract your scapula and pull the elbows on either side of the chest. Place your arms on the floor, push yourself up, rotate the right arm towards the ceiling, and then repeat it on the left side.


10 repetitions of x-cross sit-up: Lie down on the back. Place the feet apart, and the arms overhead. Crunch up and drive the left leg towards the ceiling, as you touch the left foot with the right arm. Relax back down, and repeat it with the opposite arm and leg. If needed, scale it down by bending the knee when driving the legs towards the ceiling.

10 repetitions of skater's lunge: Stand with the legs shoulder-width apart, get into an oblique reverse-lunge so that the leg crosses the mid-line of the body. As you drive the leg back, shuffle on the opposite side, and reverse-lunge with the other leg.

10 repetitions of crab and toe touch: Sit with your feet close to you, forming a 90 degree angle at the knee. Push the hips up. With your hips lifted, touch the left leg with the right arm, and then switch.

Take a minute or two to rest, between rounds.

20 minute


Workout by: Radhika Karle,
Pilates trainer
Trainer to: Sonam K Ahuja

Complete the following Pilates exercises:

10 repetitions of round back bridging: Lie on the back with your knees bent and hips, knees and ankles in one line. Move the hips up, lifting one vertebra at a time. Bring the weight on the back of the shoulders. Don't pinch the lower back.

Eight repetitions (each leg) of marching in bridging: After you get into a round back bridge, lift one leg up at a time keeping the hips levelled and lifted. Don't let the hip position change when the leg is lifted.


10 repetitions of ab curls: Lie on the back with the knees bent. Curl the head, neck, and shoulders up, moving the front of the ribs towards the hips. Keep the hip bones pointing up towards the ceiling and maintain the lower back position.

Six repetitions each side of oblique curls: Lie on the back with the knees bent. Curl the head, neck, and shoulders up while rotating the torso to move the armpit towards the opposite hip.

Six repetitions each leg of leg circles: While lying on the back, move one leg up to the ceiling. Make large circles in both directions with the lifted leg. Keep the shoulders anchored down.

20 minute


Workout by: Shivoham, Founder Shivfit
Trainer to: Aamir Khan

Workout 1

Execute as many rounds as you can in seven minutes. Each round comprises:

10 pike push ups / regular push ups / push ups on knees: Hold your stomach tight so as to maintain a straight back. Keep the elbows close to the body, with the palms under the shoulder. If you can’t touch the chest to the floor, do the push-ups against a bench or wall.

10 in and out squats: Keep the back straight and squat with your feet firmly against the ground to execute this workout. If you cannot jump in and out, step in and out instead.

10 beach burpees: When executing this exercise, push the feet back together. If that is tough to execute, place them out one at a time, and bring them back in one at a time as well.

Rest - Two Minutes

Workout 2


Execute as many rounds as you can in seven minutes. Each round comprises:

10 toe touches / feet down half crunches: Ensure the lower back is pressed against the floor. You shouldn’t feel any pain in the back. If it is tough to execute this workout, perform it with bent knees instead.

10 leg raises: Keep the hands under the hips or on the chest. Lower the back flat on the floor, and lower the legs slowly instead of doing so with a jerk.

10 right-side plank raise: Keep your hips pressed forward by squeezing the gluteal muscles. Place the elbows directly under the shoulder. The feet should be placed side by side, or on top of each other 10 left-side plank raise

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