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Movie Review: 3G

Updated on: 15 March,2013 11:42 PM IST  | 
Shaheen Parkar |

After using their ingenuity of having the opening credits pop out of the various applications of a cell phone, the makers felt their innovativeness could set the tone for their horrorfest too

Movie Review: 3G

But the scare factor begins and ends within minutes ---- in as much time you can dial a number. When peals of laughter fill the auditorium, it is clear that the chills are more amusing than hair-raising.

Lovebirds Sam (Neil Nitin Mukesh) and Sheena (Sonal Chauhan) are holidaying in Fiji when Sam’s cell phone accidentally slips off a bridge into the sea. He buys a second hand 3G (that’s why the title!) mobile that throws his life topsy-turvy as soon as he switches it on. He begins getting calls from unknown numbers with videos of a woman who either gives him come hither looks or else is in a shrieking mode. In the opening scenes, Sheena wears only yellow-coloured outfits – perhaps as a sign that things will soon get mellow for her with her guy possessed by a spirit thanks to his cell.

Sonal waited for five years after her debut film Jannat in 2008 for her next B-Town outing as Sheena only to display her curves in everything from two pieces to skimpy beachwear. Or else indulging in long, messy smoochfests with Neil atop kitchen tables to the bathtubs. She has a few moments though as the harried girlfriend trying to help her guy. Neil loves doing dark roles – here’s one more chance for him to oscillate between being the caring lover boy to the kohl-lined, leather jacket menace when the spirit takes over him.

Debutant writer- director duo Shantanu-Sheershak (who earlier penned the Neil-Bipasha starrer Aao Dekhen Zara) may have thought that combining technology, horror, voodoo along with a skin fest in an exotic location were enough. The concoction however does not make for a heady mix. It meanders in territories like pornography, sex tapes and ends up with a moral message only to be a horror of horrors.u00a0

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