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Prateik's learning curve

Updated on: 16 July,2012 08:51 AM IST  | 
Deepali Dhingra |

When Prateik made his debut in Bollywood, the actor was appreciated for his performance. A couple of films down the line, Prateik says he's learnt quite a few lessons, professionally as well as personally

Prateik's learning curve

He’s in a rock-solid relationship with Amy Jackson and things are looking good for him on the acting front too. CS spoke to Prateik about taking baby steps in Bollywood:

Who: Prateik
What: On the lessons he’s learnt so far
Where: At his residence in Bandra

Lessons learnt
The one thing I learnt and will keep learning is that there’s no limit to trying hard and putting an effort into what you’re doing. In the past couple of years, I thought I was giving my 100 per cent to my work and can’t give more, but that’s not true. In any field, there is no limit to how much you can explore and focus. That’s something I have learnt in this profession. You have to keep exploring. Also, it’s not something you can take lightly — it’s make or break. I will get only one chance to portray a role. The only way you can succeed is by working hard, there are no two ways about it.

Being calculative
I think it’s a great time to be in films at the moment. Cinema is evolving by the season. There are a lot of things for me to explore. There are decisions to be made. I used to approach my career with instinct, thinking that being calculative doesn’t work. I still believe in instinct but somewhere I have realised you have to be a little calculative. At the end of the day, it’s my career we’re talking about.

Early start
I’m 25 now and I can do so much. Professionally, I can make mistakes now. I won’t be forgiven for them, but if I make mistakes now and try to work on them, I can be a much better actor at not such an old age. I’m willing to take risks now, as this is something I want to do for the rest of my life and I’m looking forward to a long run.

Young and in love!
To be in a relationship when you’re in the media glare, makes you cautious. I mean, you can’t walk down the road in a ganji and shorts and take your girl out for a cup of coffee. I don’t think we should complain about it though. It does get stressful at times as people are inquisitive about you. But that’s what makes us feel special too. So yes, you do get cautious but you learn to deal with it.

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