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Rudra Pratap Debbarma: The multi-talented youngster of India (Tripura)

Updated on: 12 September,2020 01:13 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Pursuing a career in medicine, Rudra Pratap Debbarma is sending waves of inspiration to the world, being a model, actor, and photographer as well.

Rudra Pratap Debbarma: The multi-talented youngster of India (Tripura)

Rudra Pratap Debbarma

There are many people in this world, who since the beginning stand firm in making efforts to what their heart seeks and in the journey either search for inspiration around them or work being their own cheerleader, passing through the many trials and errors in their journey. So many youngsters today have come at the forefront of many industries with the aim to put their best foot forward in their areas of interest; these youngsters also go ahead in becoming a success story. However, how many times have we come across individuals who have excelled at not just one, but many different industries and proved the world that it is at the end of the day, the strong will and hard work that makes a person taste success as they have desired? Topping this list of multi-talented individuals is a youngster from Tripura named Rudra Pratap Debbarma.

Since the beginning, Rudra Pratap showed keen interest in the creative and artistic fields and this quest of his to become one of the greats in the same, took him on a unique journey in his life, where today he is a successful model from NorthEast India (Tripura), who has earned great recognition in the Punjab music industry as well. Rudra Pratap belongs to the Tripura royal family. His father, Dr Pinak Prasad Debbarma, is a senior dermatologist in Tripura and He is Also A Esraj Player and Still, he Plays. Following the footsteps of his father, Rudra Pratap also is pursuing his medical career, doing his MBBS, from Agartala Govt. Medical College.

Getting inclined towards the creative and artistic world came naturally to Rudra Pratap as his family already had passionate photographers. Hence, photography is a talent that Rudra Pratap always inherited in him. He says that the love and passion he feels for photography comes from his great-great-grandfather Maharaja Birchandra Manikya Bahadur Debbarma and his maternal grandfather. His grandfather was a renowned name as a musician and singer of Tripura, Lt. Bipin Bihari Debbarma, who also was the first Kokborok Newsreader in All India Radio. Apart from him, his great grandfather Maharajkumar Braja Bihari Debbarma(Lebu Karta)was also a notable personality of Tripura as a composer and singer.

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